Space Food

One giant leap for snack-kind

Space Food

One giant leap for snack-kind

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+ Also available to pre-order: Neapolitan Ice Cream
  •  Dine on the extravagant diet of an Astronaut
  •  Throw them up in the air and pretend you're in space
  •  Frozen to -40c, vacuum dried and sealed in special foil pouches
  •  Available in three mouth-watering (sort of) flavours


Everyone wants to be a spaceman. But the harsh fact is, none of you lot will ever leave the planet. Unless of course you find the $200,000 Mr. Branson is charging for an out of this world experience, down the back of the settee.

Indeed mere mortals like us will never experience any of the pleasures of space travel. But maybe that's not such a bad thing. Who wants to spend their day doing daft slow-mo somersaults for the camera before emptying their bladder into a plastic bag? Not us. Having said that it would be quite nice to sample some of that strange nosh they eat up there in the outer limits.

Well now you can do exactly that without joining the space program thanks to these genuine pouches of Space Food. Developed for the Apollo missions, these deliciously healthy treats have been frozen to -40c, vacuum dried and sealed in special foil pouches. Manufactured by the same company that supplies nosh to NASA for Space Shuttle missions, Space Food is out of this world in terms of originality. It also melts in the mouth and is ready to eat straight out of the pack.

But what about the taste? Houston, we currently have neapolitan, mint choc chip and ice cream sandwich - and each one tastes exactly as it should, only a bit dryer. Understandable as Space Food is devoid of water crystals. We have to admit that the texture takes some getting used to but, to paraphrase JFK, "We choose to eat these things not because they are chewy, but because they are crunchy." Or something like that.

Although these unusual snacks are designed to be eaten aboard a spacecraft you can always draw some knobs and dials on a cardboard box, clamber inside and pretend you're orbiting Earth. But that's almost as silly as flying to the sun at night to avoid being roasted alive. We digress. Space Food is the most original food this side of the stratosphere and it's perfect for packed lunches, parties and pretend space missions. But hurry; we expect these nifty pouches to rocket out of Cape Firebox faster than you can say "we have lift off". 3...2...1...Buy!

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Please Note:
  • This product is suitable for vegetarians.
  • May be a little bit crumbled.
  • Due to the nature of this product, we are unable to offer our usual 30-day, no-quibble returns policy, if you later change your mind, or otherwise decide to return the product through no fault of Firebox. Click here for more info.
Allergy Information:
  • Contains dairy products
  • May contain nuts

Customer Reviews

Tastes really nice just like creamy ice cream, but freeze-dried! I bought the Neapolitan one and all the flavours are really good. Its best to eat it quite fast as the moisture in the air turns it into a soft chewy texture after a few days but its still really nice, shame you don't get enough. I just bought the mint one, look forward to trying that!
Anna - 25th January 2014
Previously got these from the Science Museum, and the Ice Cream Sandwich is delicious. Warning that they may be a little crumbly is accurate, but then they're great over vanilla ice-cream: as an ice cream topping for ice cream, made of... ice-cream (then Just call it "recursive ice cream" shave your head and call yourself Heston for the rest of the evening).
LP - 12th August 2013
I got the ice cream sandwich amazing and such a good snack for school and gaming they taste weird to start with the only regret was that I should have bought more.
Alex - 9th September 2012
They come a little smashed in their packet but they taste great and a nice alternative to the regular stuff!
Lawrence - 18th October 2011
This stuff is so weird! It tastes divine, has the texture of dry wall for about a second, then turns lovely... I will need to try the neopolitan now, YUMMY! Will there be any other space food varieties any time soon/in the next ten years?
Ghost - 11th May 2011
Don't know what to make of the mint choc chip... it seemed like big clumps of powder that you put in your mouth and it dissolves into a rather strange taste! Completely different to what I expected. Dunno if thats bad or good though. Did make me feel a bit more spacey though!!
Adam - 3rd November 2010