Waboba Water Ball

Plop, skip and jump

Waboba Water Ball

Plop, skip and jump

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Waboba! It sounds like something Tarzan might say. Or maybe it's some kind of Australian bush critter, or an obscure character from Star Wars. Actually it's not nearly as exotic. It's a ball. Do not adjust your computer, we said it's a ball. But the Waboba is no ordinary ball because it skips and bounces on water. Unbelievable!

Set to revolutionise messing about in the water, the Waboba Ball is perfect for seaside/poolside shenanigans. Playing catch will never be the same again. Imagine a tennis ball with skipping stone-like agility and you're halfway there.

The Waboba Ball is made of polyurethane and has a special lycra coating. This mix of different materials somehow causes it to bounce and float on water. Don't ask us for a more scientific explanation because we haven't got one. We've been too busy playing with our Wabobas down the local pool to bother looking up the answer.

The second you see this miraculous sphere skipping across the waves you'll be hooked. Frisbees and tennis balls? Pah! With the Waboba Ball the water becomes part of the game, not just a wobbly obstruction. It's brilliant fun for all the family. (We can't believe we just said that but it's true).

As well as solo games (bounce and catch) the Waboba Ball is great for group games - you can try different angles, have a go at catching it with one hand or bounce it across the waves. There's even a proper tournament game where teams score points by passing the ball without losing it to the opposition.

Brilliant in its simplicity we believe the Waboba Ball will, along with beer guts, bad swimwear and sandy crevasses, become a ubiquitous sight on beaches the world over. So hurry up and get ordering before the entire planet goes Waboba crazy. Ker-splosh-boing!

If you think the Waboba Ball sounds like fun, you’d be right. But for more control and less bounce why not give the Waboba Blast a whirl. Lighter and easier to use than its splosh-boinging pro-standard sibling, this springy sphere is ideal for kids and perfect for games in calm pool water. And ‘cos it doesn’t bounce as high you won’t have to keep retrieving it from the ice cream lady’s cleavage. Boing!

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Please note:
  • Not suitable for children under the age of 3 years
  • The Waboba Ball is made from Polyurathane and has a Lycra coating
  • If you want your Waboba Ball to stay happy avoid bouncing it off walls and floors
  • The Waboba Ball has an approximate diameter of 5.5cm
The easiest way to start having fun with your new Waboba Ball:
  • Bring one or two friends with you into knee/waist deep water
  • Stand 10 - 15 meters apart
  • Throw the ball to one another as when "skipping stones" or with a higher angle so that the ball bounces one or two times before being caught
The official rules of the Beach Game:
  • The idea of the game is to pass between teammembers, three in each team, without loosing the ball to the other team.
  • When all team members have caught the ball at least once, without interruption and with at least one bounce on water in each pass, the team gets one point (one round).
  • The opposing team shall try to interrupt passes and start passing within their team.
  • First team to three rounds wins the match. You have to pass the ball within 5 seconds after receiving it.
  • It is allowed to tackle opponents, but not the player that has the ball. You are not allowed to hold an opponent.
The Match Game (added rules for tournaments):
  • The game starts with the referee tossing a coin to decide which team shall start.
  • After giving the ball to the captain of the starting team the referee (loudly) counts down from five before the first pass is allowed.
  • In a Match Game the receiver must catch the ball in the air, after the ball has bounced. Failing to do this means that the pass is incorrect.
  • The referee decides if passes and tackles are correct.
  • When a pass or tackle is decided incorrect, or a penalty is given, the opposing team must, within five seconds, pick up the ball and continue the game or get a new ball from the referee. If they (their team captain decides) choose to get a new ball the referee shall throw or give the ball to the team member closest to him and immediately start a new countdown from five before a new pass is allowed.
  • The penalty for holding an opponent, no matter how this is done, is one round for the opposing team. The same penalty can be applied for any lack of sportsmanship and shall be applied for unduly delaying the game. If one player fouls with an intention to hurt his opponent, or is neglecting obvious risks, his team loses the match by 3-0.

Customer Reviews

I got a voucher for this site, so I looked around and I saw this. It's absolutely amazing! Not recommended for pool - you don't want to hurt someone or lose it! I took it to the beach, and my Waboba Extreme was bouncing around everywhere. Great fun and quite actively involved too :D.
Tom Lindsay - 3rd April 2013
Firebox says: A voucher well spent! Glad you like it Tom
Got this as a present before going on holiday to portugal its amazing its super speedy and bounces over 1-2 metres at a time it also bounces over the waves but make sure you have more than one because they either bounces to far out to see or lands into the bar near the pool.
Alex - 9th September 2012
Hi Firebox, I already have one of these, and I was looking around when I saw that there was a thing called a Waboba Catch which is like a baseball glove, but designed to catch the Extreme ball. Unfortunately I soon realised that this was only available in America, please can you be one of the first websites to bring this to the uk??
Hughie - 8th August 2011
Firebox says: We can certainly try Hughie, watch this space!
Been buying these for about 5 yrs now. We wouldn't go on hols without our Wabobas now. They keep my husband and son amused for hours, leaving me in peace to relax and top up my tan. Thanks Firebox!
Debs - 7th May 2011
What's the difference "Waboba blast" and "Waboba Extreme"?
Robert Brookes - 3rd May 2011
Firebox says: The Blast is lighter and faster, but doesn't bounce as much.
I only just got the waboba ball and its amazing it amuses you for ages and thanks for being very helpful.
Warren Broderick - 24th February 2011