Type Trumps

I want your font!

Type Trumps

I want your font!

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Avant Garde - a retro classic!

Do you know your Helvetica from your Arial? If you do, you need to A) get out more and B) buy Type Trumps. Based on the classic game of one-upmanship, this über stylish deck of cards is aimed at all you font nerds, Hoxton hipsters and typeface freaks because it celebrates the joy of text.

As you’ve probably guessed, the idea is to compare the (irrationally ranked) attributes of various famous fonts. You know, things like legibility, cost of ownership and even special powers – which, in the case of Futura, is the fact that Stanley Kubrick was a fan.

Type Trumps

Type Trumps - Version 1

Each card is written and styled in the relevant typeface so it doubles up as a handy reference next time you’re designing your next masterpiece/wasting time typing party invites on Word.

Type Trumps

Type Trumps - Version 2

Surely one of the geekiest games in the history of dorkdom, Type Trumps is a brilliant gift for anyone with even a passing interest in typography. And just in case you’re wondering, yes, this is Tahoma.

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Please note:
  • Suitable for 2 players
  • 30 Typeface Cards per pack
  • This product is not sponsored, authorized or endorsed by the Top Trumps brand
Product Features:
  • Each card uniquely designed using the font featured
  • Play against each other using the ratings on the cards

Customer Reviews

They're nice, but slightly inaccurate and vague in terms of the stats provided. . I know they're not meant to be super informative... but still. Anyway. . I'm working on a set of my own, with my own rankings. Should be fun. AND YES - these are expensive and a bit of a rip off. Picked them up at design museum London.
Nikhil - 20th February 2012
My girlfriend got me these as I'm constantly going on about which fonts are the best and which fonts shouldn't be used. Not to mention after I studied typography, I've been a font-nutter ever since! Recommend to anyone who appreciates fonts, or is in the industry of illustration or graphic design. Perfect Present!
Owen ONeill - 29th December 2010
Hoxton hipster? They saw me coming....
Lewis Flude - 8th December 2010
A little disappointed that for 10 quid a pack these are printed on fairly cheap feeling card (including the box). A laminate or plastic coated cards would have given these a truly nice finish and I'd feel quite happy to chuck these around the office and not worry about them getting covered in ink or coffee! As they are now they'll probably stay in the packet. Otherwise great little trumps/reference cards, equally well laid out, that remind you of the people and purpose behind these everyday fonts.
Jas - 18th November 2010
Haha these are brilliant. My dad is a graphic designer and he's forever telling me which fonts look the best on different advertisements. Now we'll see who really knows their fonts :P xx.
Amy - 20th October 2010
I want one just so I can burn all the comic sans.
Anastasia Talen - 5th September 2010