Quick Mini Cupcake Maker

Flawless cupcakes in a flash

Quick Mini Cupcake Maker

Flawless cupcakes in a flash

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Thanks to the likes of Nigella, Sophie and Gordon (only joking Gordon), cupcakes are all the rage. But who can be bothered waiting around for their scrumptious treats? Not us. We use the Quick Mini Cupcake Maker.

The ideal gift for impatient bakers, this mains-powered gizmo cooks seven yummy cupcakes in less than four minutes – no tins, trays or oven required. Simply preheat, pour your mix into the individual non-stick cavities and close the lid.

Before you can suggestively lick your spoon and pout (well, three and a half minutes) you’ll have a whole heap of perfectly formed, evenly cooked cupcakes. Use the included recipes, shop-bought mixes or create your own. We’ll even throw in some topping ideas. Mmm…cinnamon dusting!

Take a few of your delicious creations to the office and we guarantee you’ll be hailed as a domestic goddess. Even if you’re a man. Sweet.

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Product Features:
  • Cook 7 cupcakes in less than 4 minutes
  • Cooks cupcakes evenly
  • Non-stick plates
  • Use homemade or shop bought cake mixes
  • Cupcake recipes and topping ideas included
  • Mains powered
  • Voltage 230V, 50Hz
  • Wattage 1400W
  • 26cm (W) x 24cm (L) x 16cm (H)

Customer Reviews

This is the best birthday present ever! ever since the cupcake shop round the corner opened, I have been obsessed with the little things! and I was so excited when my little bro got me this for my birthday so I can make my own at home! its so perfect! cupcakes are so moist and yummy! I have just made some green and yellow coloured, lemon and lime flavored cakes, with homemade lemon curd and lemon and lime buttercream mmmmmm!!! They're my boyfriends birthday cakes hehe. . Hes loving it! x.
Terri - 19th August 2011
One of the best purchases ever! This is excellent for my diet too - ironically - because it makes mini cupcakes! I LOVE it!!!!
Lara - 7th May 2011
I bought one of these in March and have only just gotten round to using it. All I have to say is WOW! This is fantastic and it really works. I am extremely pleased with this purchase. My first batch of cakes are currently cooling and I can't wait to try them!! It heats up very quickly too, I was expecting for the first time it to take a good while but after about 5 minutes of being turned on my cakes were ready =) It cleans VERY easily which makes things so much better when I have finished baking. I just love it! Thanks Firebox!
Marie - 30th April 2011
This innocent looking cupcake maker is an absolute cake making machine! I picked my cupcake maker up on Saturday, it's now Bank Holiday Monday and I have made something like 150 cupcakes in that time! The only problem I have found is that as soon as I get the little cakes out of the maker, and put them on the cooling rack, they disappear. I've put this down the the ninja-like movements of my husband - he's eating the cakes as quick as I'm making them!! Quick, easy to clean, easy to remove the cakes once they are cooked and a perfect finish to the cupcakes makes this a MUST HAVE for any kitchen!
Tracey - 25th April 2011
I got this cupcake maker for my girlfriend and she loves it. I love it also as I'm getting lots of delicious cupcakes made for me :) It took about week to get delivered but was worth the wait.
William Findlay - 18th March 2011
I got this for Christmas and I love it, have made many cupcakes and all have been successful. I especially liked my warm choc cupcakes! In reply to Mel, Wiltshire - 5th December 2010 I have made gluten free cupcakes, I just replaced the flour with Doves gluten free self-raising flour. Hope this is helpful.
Kat Smith - 3rd March 2011
Firebox says: Thanks for the great advice Kat!