Spiderpodium Mobile

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Spiderpodium Mobile

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You need hands to hold a little gizmo. But that can be pretty awkward when your mitts are busy doing something else. What you need is a super-versatile (and artistically talented) arachnid to hold your gadgets. And here it is in the striking shape of Spiderpodium Mobile.

Inspired by everyone’s least favourite creepy-crawly, this ingenious universal stand accommodates all manner of handheld gadgets, from iPhones and satnavs to cameras and e-readers. You can even charge gizmos via a hole in Spiderpodium Mobile’s body. Look ma, no hands!

Thanks to eight flexible legs you can position devices anywhere you fancy, at virtually any angle: on desks, dashboards, headrests, handlebars, baby buggies (for you, not baby) and more. This is one grip-tastic octopod.

Best of all this soft-touch stand makes gadgets look like they are in the clutches of a robot spider. And if that’s not a top reason to buy one, we don’t know what is.

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Please Note:
  • Materials: Advanced Tech 'SoftTouch' Rubber
  • Finish: Matte White/Matte Black/Matte Pink/Matte Blue

Customer Reviews

This was great until yesterday, when one of the legs snapped, it still on there but the bit inside has broken so now I can't use it. :( I've only had it a few days and I haven't used it outside, I only used it on my bedside table at night and sometime during the day and evening like when I'm on my laptop. I only used it for my iPhone and not anything heavy. Can I get a replacement?
Alfie Jenkins - 18th April 2012
Firebox says: Oh dear! give us a shout on and we will sort this out for you!
Will it fit over an Otterbox Defender case?
Julie - 20th November 2011
Firebox says: You should be fine!
The picture shows that it can be used as a bike mount. If so, can it take the weight of a DHD and will it sustain shocks ?
Sai - 1st July 2011
Firebox says: It would really depend on the weight Sai, particularly over bumpy terrain.
Is this the same one as on the apprentice?
Connor - 23rd June 2011
Firebox says: It is indeed.
This is the best present I've received in a long time - fantastic quality, price and I love that it's made in the UK! I felt quite smug this morning after watching the Apprentice and knowing I'm 'on trend' with my iPhone gadget grip! Thanks firebox! Let me know when you get the tablet version for my iPad!
Nicola Carr - 23rd June 2011
I noticed the comment about a larger one for the iPad - there is one by the same manufacturer the Spiderpodium Tablet!
Jim Davies - 28th April 2011