TRU VIRTU Wallet Oyster Series

21st century wallet

TRU VIRTU Wallet Oyster Series

21st century wallet


  •  Lightweight & sturdy. Dust, dirt and moisture proof
  •  Keep your cards safe from RFID-scanners
  •  Separate compartments for cash and cards
  •  Available in a wide range of colours


When it comes to keeping your cards and cash safe and secure, you could fold them up in a bit of cowskin. After all, we’ve been doing the same thing for hundreds of years. Why change? Well no reason... only that technology, taste and materials have come a long way since our ancestors tanned their first leather pouch. So why not make like it’s the 21st century and keep your important stuff in something suitably up to date?

The TRU VIRTU Wallet Oyster Series is a range of formed aluminium cases that’ll hold everything from coins to credit cards. Lightweight and incredibly sturdy it’ll protect them from dust, dirt and moisture; but more importantly, from electromagnetic radiation, illegal RFID-scanning and other outside influences – not something our ancestors had to worry about.

The Oyster is also the first aluminium case to offer two completely separate areas for cash and cards. Press the buttons on the front edge to open either of the compartments. It’s perfect for keeping business cards and other loose items in place while you whip out your change.

Anodised in a range of colours, there’s an Oyster to suit all tastes. So whether you’re a suited and booted business bod, or a tech geek in your comfy scruffs, you can enjoy this thoroughly modern twist on a pocket classic. It’s your round!

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Please Note:
  • Cards and cash not included
  • Protects against RFID scanning attacks on cards
Product Features:
  • Aluminium clamshell-style wallet
  • Protects against RFID scanning attacks on cards
  • Ideal for holding banknotes, cards, cash and more
  • Separate buttons to open Cash or Card compartments
  • Measures approximately 9.8cm(L) x 6.8cm(W) x 2.6cm(D)

Customer Reviews

Wow I just received my Tru Virtu Wallet. Only ordered it yesterday. Fits every thing in it and is lighter than a normal purse or wallet. Well done firebox. I love this site.
Laura - 29th July 2014
This is the best wallet ever! I wasn't sure about buying it at first, but trust me its brilliant, well made, feels perfect in your hand simply the best wallet ever :).
Tom - 28th December 2013
Wow. Simply an amazing product. So easy to fit in your pocket. Coins fit perfectly and the money clip is just a treat as well, being well hidden for security. Highly recommended!
Konnor Baskaran - 29th October 2013
This is the most sophisticated wallet I'll ever own!
Richard West - 24th September 2013
Hi the item arrived very well made works nicely for what I wanted to do with it so thank you for a great product.
Daniel Gorman - 18th April 2013
Firebox says: Perfect! Really pleased to hear you like it Daniel.
I got this wallet for Christmas after getting sick of fabric wallets ruining my cards or causing them to flex. I have to say having used this wallet for almost a year now that I don't think I will ever want another Wallet. It holds all my cards without issue and is able to hold receipts (though not to many) without too much hassle. My only real issue is the change holder hidden beneath the money clip, isn't just isn't designed that well for change, as I found during normal walking coins could become bunched up and prove difficult to remove. Apart from that issue (which is easily fixed by simply caring your change in your pocket or having a change purse) I cant say enough how great this wallet is. When my one eventually needs replacing I know where to come for my next wallet.
Lee - 31st August 2012