Ticker Watches

Watch your budget

Ticker Watches

Watch your budget

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  •  Virtually indestructible (assuming you don't actively try to destroy them)
  •  Stylish and minimal with two 'hidden' buttons
  •  Bold and colourful designs


Made from an innovative and virtually indestructible material, the Ticker Watches keep it simple. Really, really simple. These bold, colourful timepieces are available in six designs and feature a digital clock and… that’s about it.

They’re colourful, strong and tell you - and everybody else - exactly what time it is. Simple.

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Product Features:
  • Resistant to all kinds of wear and tear
  • Available in 6 designs: Blue, Green, Yellow, Leopard Print, Dotty and Geometric
  • Digital watch - adjust time and settings via the hidden buttons
  • Measures approximately 4cm(W) x 23cm(H) x 0.5cm(D)
  • Weighs approximately 13g

Customer Reviews

Like tha paper version, this one also is not fitting for my wrist. I have normal wrists though! Not extremely big or thin. So, now I have two watches bought but no place to go. The first birthday coming up of someone who likes watches will be in july. Wonder if they still be working... :o).
Van Stokrom - 28th February 2014
Cool product... I have the plain yellow model, So many people ask me what it is and where did I get it. I didn't expect to such buzz from a product of £9.99 Big like!!!
Jon Voight - 6th May 2013
What a watch, so light you can hardly feel it on your wrist, strong, cheap and best of all, it tells the time!
Wedge - 26th April 2013
I recently received my Blue Ticker watch and I really like it :) A watch that just tells the time? Whatever next?! For those who avoid watches with metal straps because they annoyingly keep catching your arm hair, this is the watch for you! Thin, comfortable and durable, you really do forget you're wearing it because it is so light, and as the watch itself is so thin it doesn't get in the way during those little niggly jobs in small confined spaces (I maintain/repair fruit machines for a living. It has also survived a few band practices and accidental drumstick whacks as well :P). Sometimes the simple things really are the best :).
Phil Mullineux - 4th April 2013