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Egg Yolk Plucker

Egg Yolk Plucker

Wholy pluck

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  •  Holy pluck, that’s amazing
  •  Separate whites and yolks quickly and cleanly
  •  Easy to clean and operate
  •  Perfect for pavlovas and other desert dishes



Welcome to my kitchen, Egg Yolk Plucker
You’re a yolk-extracting tool, Egg Yolk Plucker
You’re an Egg Yolk Plucker, yes it’s true
Nothing sucks up egg yolks quite like you

Simply place the mouth of the ingenious Egg Yolk Plucker over your yummy yellow target and squeeze the silicone chamber, then release to suck up the yolk. Squeeze again to expel the contents.

It's a very plucky bit of kitchen kit.

More Information

Please Note:
  • For best results, poem should be performed in a singsong style Terrence and Phillip voice
Product Features:
  • Perfect for Pavlovas and other dishes that require the whites and yolks be separate
  • Yes, we know that ‘real’ cooks can do this with egg shells or just the powers of their minds… but not everybody can be a masterchef
  • Simple two-piece construction for easy operation and cleaning
  • Measures approximately 5.5cm(W) x 10cm(H)