Wonderbag Eco Slow Cooker


Wonderbag Eco Slow Cooker


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  •  Ingenious heat-retention technique for super slow cooking
  •  Save cash, energy and cooking time
  •  Won't burn down your entire kitchen if you nip to the pub
  •  Buy One, Give One campaign - help out a less fortunate family
  •  Wear it as a vaguely culturally-insensitive, oversize hat


Sure, it looks a little like a stylishly designed jellyfish or a giant tea-cosy, but the Wonderbag’s true genius lies in saving you money, energy and cooking time.

Basically, it’s a super-slow-cooker. But rather than relying on electricity the Wonderbag utilises an ingenious heat-retention technique to simmer your stews and cook your casseroles. Plus the insulation means it’s equally adept at keeping frozen food cold for transport or temporary storage.

Infinitely easier and safer than a stove, you simply bring your dish to the boil and then place the entire pot inside the Wonderbag, then go about your business. Slow cooking means sauces are saucier, flavours are stronger and meat is tender… er. Plus, you won’t burn your food, or the kitchen.

Of course, as if an electricity-free, delicious super-slow cooking alternative wasn’t enough, this splendid stew bag will even help out a less fortunate family. Operating a Buy One, Give One campaign - for every Wonderbag purchased through Firebox a matching one will be given to an African family, providing untold benefits for generations.

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Please Note:
  • Always be careful around the kitchen - take care with hot pots
Product Features:
  • Insulated, heat-retention technique
  • Super-slow cooking for casseroles, stews, rice and other delicious stuff
  • Buy One, Give One campaign - help a less fortunate African family
  • Save cooking time, energy and cash
  • Lets you slow-cook meals completely unsupervised
  • Measures approximately 30cm(H) x 50cm(Ø)

Customer Reviews

Would it be safe to use while camping in my tent?
- 19th September 2013
Firebox says: We only recommend using this outdoors to be safe.
Just an inquiry: would this be ok to take camping? Providing obviously that its a fixed campsite and no moving around.
Jess - 6th September 2013
Firebox says: You can take this camping with you, although we would recommend you use this outside to be safe.
Just a question really - is this JUST the bag or does it come with the pot to go inside it too? Cheers.
Mike W-G - 18th April 2013
Firebox says: Just the bag Mike!