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Georgia Moonshine

Georgia Moonshine

Come rain or (moon)shine


  •  Made using a traditional moonshine recipe
  •  Presented in mason jar with screw cap lid - perfect for sharing swigs
  •  Made from corn, just like the bootleggers do it
  •  Have your mates around for a hoedown
  •  Perfect for the drinker who done tried everything, y’all



Made using an original recipe, Georgia Moonshine offers a unique taste of the south. Turning traditional whisky-wisdom on its head, these spirits are proudly ‘less than 30 days old’, making for a distinctive and (unsurprisingly) strong flavour.

Inspired by an old NASCAR tradition, where drivers would swig from a communal jar before each race, you can enjoy a selection of three flavours: Original, Peach or Lemonade. (Although driving afterwards is strongly discouraged).

Presented in the traditional 750ml Mason jar now you too can enjoy the fun of 'bootlegged' hillbilly liquor, without the explosions, dubious family relations and instantaneous liver damage.

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Product Features:
  • Presented in the traditional Mason jar with screw-cap
  • Authentic corn-whisky recipe plus two flavoured versions
  • Bottled by the Johnson Distilling Co. Bardstown, KY
  • Measures approximately 18cm(H) x 7.5cm(Ø)
  • Contains approximately 750ml
  • Alc/Vol approximately 40%(Original) and 35%(Peach / Lemonade)