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WOW Speaker

WOW Speaker

WOW, that's a portable and powerful bluetooth speaker!

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  •  Moulded rubber cone-shaped body
  •  Bluetooth connected, USB charged
  •  Practically indestructible (unless you try)
  •  Excellent sound quality, satisfying feel



Powerful and portable, the WOW Speaker packs some serious punch, and thanks to its moulded rubber body it’ll stand up to a few knocks too.

Charged via USB and connected via Bluetooth, the WOW can pump out your sounds to 85db and can last up to 4 hours, at highest volume, between charges. It's certainly more beautiful than most portable/travel speakers and feels lovely in the hand!

Practically indestructible (unless you actually try), it’s the perfect outlet for your tunes.

More Information

Product Features:
  • Moulded rubber body
  • USB charged
  • Connected by Bluetooth
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Portable and powerful
Technical Specifications:
  • USB charged (includes cable)
  • Sound output: 85 dB
  • Operating time: 3-4 hours (maximum Volume)
  • Charging times: 3-3.5 hours
  • Impendance: 3.2-3.6 Ω
  • Measures approximately 10.5cm(W) x10.5cm(H) x 10.5cm(D)