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Felt Dogs

Felt Dogs

Haberdashery Hounds

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  •  Easy to make whether you're a beginner or a seasoned felter
  •  Twelve unbelievably cute and handsome species to choose from
  •  Pugs, poodles, terriers, miniature dachshunds and many more
  •  Once you've got the basics you can create all sorts of hybrid breeds
  •  Just look at their friendly round faces



When was the last time you felt a dog?

The chances are that you immediately wanted one in your life; only to realise that there are just too many exceptional breeds to choose from, not to mention the space, time and money required to actually keep one. Well it's time to put these trivial concerns behind you and make yourself a loyal companion with the Felt Dogs book.

Suited for both experienced felters as well as beginners, its packed with twelve stupidly cute pups for you to create. Step-by-step instructions and actual-size photographs guide you comfortably through every part of the process. Once you've mastered the basic techniques you'll be able to conceive all sorts of fine hybrid a Haberdachshund or French Wool Dog.

More Information

Please Note:
  • Doesn't contain any felting tools or materials, it's just the guide
Product Features:
  • All the breeds included are: Miniature Dachshund, Welsh Corgi, Miniature Schnauzer, Pug, Chiguahua, Labrador Retriever, Shiba, Maltese Beagle, Toy Poodle, Boston Terrier, Miniature Pinscher
  • Each dawg has its own dedicated assembly instructions with measurements and actual-size photographs
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • 72 pages, paperback
  • Measures approximately 19.2cm(W) x 21.5cm(H) x 0.6cm(D)