11 Funny Christmas Quotes For The Holiday Cynic

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Spread some festive sarcasm with these uninspiring Christmas quotes

When it comes to deep, emotional Christmas quotes, we feel like the internet has got that covered. What we want is the harsh, unfiltered truth. Yes, the holiday season is all about family and giving, and blah blah blah, but it’s also about the comfort of knowing that we’re not the only ones who left Christmas shopping until the last minute and now Grandma is getting that free pen we got in our junk mail and the least wrinkly bag-for-life we can find in the cupboard. 

The best short Christmas quotes dredged from the internet swamp

Christmas is for everyone, even you, ya grumpy bum; so we've put together our favourite funny Christmas quotes to make the celebrations more bearable. We've even made them into lovingly crafted, shareable images so they're easy to upload to your favourite social platform. Be a beacon of dimmed light for those of us who are tired of the soppy, sweet drivel that fills our newsfeeds at this time of year. You can even carry your own unique Christmas spirit through to the gift giving stage with our range of mostly nice, but sometimes naughty, Christmas gifts (I'm looking at you, Evil Hot Gummi Bears).


Christmas Quotes


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Shareable christmas quotes


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family christmas quotes


short christmas quotes


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Christmas quotes about family


shareable christmas quotes


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Even the biggest Grinch has a Christmas gift list

If our list of cynical, Christmas quotes has left you feeling extra Grinchy, our range of passive-aggressive Christmas gifts are sure to bring a smile to your miserable, scroogey face. 


 Evil Hot Gummi Bears

Evil Hot Gummi Bears - £5.99

Find The Poo

Find the poo puzzle book - £12.99

Grow a Dick

Grow a Dick Chilli Kit - £10.99

Spicy Chocolate

Instant Regret Chilli Chocolate - £8.99

Wine Trap Wooden Puzzle

The Wine Trap Wooden Puzzle - £29.99

Dirty pop greeting card

Dirty Pop Greeting Cards - £12.99


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