11 Unique Valentine’s Day Chocolates That Are Far from Bland

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Valentine’s Day chocolates are seen as a bit of a cop out gift; something you grab from the petrol station on your way home from work as an afterthought. But at Firebox, we believe that the humble Valentine’s Day Chocolate is simply misunderstood, in need of an image overhaul to bring it into the 21st century.

You see, chocolate is delicious; oh, they might complain about your lack of imagination, but we bet they still scoff the whole lot before you’ve even taken your jacket off. People clearly want the stuff, so we’ve given it a bit of a Valentine’s shake up that takes it from lazy yawnsome to crazy awesome. Add it to your basket as a sexy stocking filler when you shop our Valentine’s Day gifts.

Valentine’s Day chocolate – where does the tradition even come from?

It appears that chocolate and love have a lot more in common than we think. Consuming chocolate causes us to release the chemicals in the brain responsible for attraction and happiness; namely dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin. So, it’s no surprise that it has become a favoured love gift over the years.

As with most modern traditions, Valentine’s Day as we know it now has its roots in the wildly consumeristic Victorian Era, these guys were shopping mad. It became traditional to exchange cupid cards along with small gifts as a token of love. Chocolates became a common gift, with Victorian chocolatiers jumping on the commercial bandwagon, creating heart shaped chocolate boxes to appeal to this new and eager audience. Valentine’s Day chocolates were such a suggestive offering that it was considered horrifying for an engaged woman to accept them from anyone who wasn’t her future husband. Comparable today to the liking of a thirsty Instagram pic of someone who isn’t your fiancé.

The basic box of Valentine’s chocolates is upping its game

The Victorian Era was donkeys ago, so it’s no wonder people find a box of chocolates about as exciting as an exposed ankle. But that doesn’t mean you should banish it to the shadow realm for all eternity. Check out our chocolate gift ideas with a difference and you’ll be sure to find something refreshing that will impress even the most demanding love interest.

1. 'Thanks for Putting Up with My Shit' Chocolate - £9.99

Funny Valentine's Day Chocolate


2. Hot Chocolate Bombs - £10.99

Hot Chocolate Valentine's Gift


3. Personalised Photo Cadbury’s Milk Tray - £12.99

Valentine's Gift Ideas


4. Chocolate Boobs - £9.99

Valentine's Day Chocolates


5. Gourmet Chocolate Fish and Chips - £14.99

Valentine's Day Chocolates


6. Real Whisky Scotch Egg Truffles - £11.99

Valentine's Day Chocolates


7. Edible Anus - £8.99

Funny Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

8. Instant Regret Chili Chocolate - £8.99

Valentine's Day Chocolate Ideas

9. Personalised Retro Cadbury’s Dairy Milk - £16.99

Valentine's Chocolate

10. Personalised Toblerone - £12.99

Valentine's Day Chocolates

11. Gourmet Chocolate Pizzas - £18.99

 Chocolate Gift Ideas

Like our Valentine's chocolate ideas? That's just a 'taster'!

If our genius chocolate gift ideas have inspired you, make sure to check out our full collection of Valentine’s Day gifts for a whole range of imaginative love tokens and treats! Remember, it's important to love yourself too, so we won't judge you if you get something for yourself.

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