12 Crazy Kitchen Hacks With Beer Belly Jelly

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Our brand new Beer Belly Jelly is far from just an irresistible way to booze up your breakfast. Why stop at smearing it on toast? There are hundreds of ways to cultivate your own beer belly. Here are 12 of our favourites:

  • There’s almost nothing that this stuff doesn’t compliment, making it the ideal dip. From carrots to crisps, breadsticks to bacon, nachos to… other snacks beginning with ‘n’: everything can be improved with a dip of Beer Belly Jelly.

  • Smear your pork chops or chicken thighs in Beer Belly Jelly for the perfect marinade. Not a fan of lip-smackingly full-on flavour? Mix a bit into your usual marinade for a more subtle kick of boozy goodness, or combine with your favourite BBQ sauce to make a divine beer-becue glaze. kisses fingers like an Italian chef

  • Regular jam donuts? Dull. Next time you’re whipping up a batch of delicious, deep-fried empty balls of dough, give the raspberry seedless a day off and fill them with this stuff. We genuinely can’t think of something more over-the-top decadent than boozy homemade donuts. Guaranteed crowd-pleasers.

  • Pop a generous spoonful of it into your cookie batter to give those chocolate chip delights a hoppy, chewy twist. Now that’s what we call beer batter.

  • Cheese board? More like cheese bored. Decant some Beer Belly Jelly into a dish and rekindle your love of a big ol’ slab overflowing with cheesy nibbles. The perfect partner for coupole, mozzarella, or just about any cheese you fancy. Especially with crackers. And grapes. Seriously, try it. It works.

  • Swap the boring old strawberry jam of your victoria sponge with Beer Belly Jelly for a tea party with a twist. Just bake your two circular sponges as per, then smear on a lick of the golden stuff on one and buttercream on the other. Diabolically good and definitely a fun upgrade on your nana’s favourite pudding.

  • Drizzle a lick of Beer Belly Jelly across your pancakes for the booziest breakfast that can’t get you drunk. Whether you’re a thick American-style pancake kinda chap, or more a fan of the British crêpe-style stack, this intoxicating jam will sort you out for a topping.

  • Make a 'boozy' jam smoothie by combining a spoonful of Beer Belly Jelly with milk, fresh fruit, and yoghurt. Or keep the animals out of the kitchen and blend with plant milk, and a few bananas.

  • Liven up some boring plain yoghurt. A spoonful of Beer Belly Jelly never hurt anyone - and it makes a nice change from boring old raspberry coulis or that mango goo you get in the ones from the shops.

  • Make the world’s easiest (and possibly most impressive) jam tarts. Buy some pre-made pastry cases from the shop, then spoon in some Beer Belly Jelly. Pop them on a tray, bash it on a flat surface a few times to ensure the jam is level, then bung ‘em in the oven. Everyone will hail you as the new Heston. Just be sure to tuck the jar away and bin the pastry packaging. Your secret is safe with us.

  • Mix a teaspoon with oil, vinegar, and your choice of spices to create a boozy salad dressing. The sweetness of Beer Belly Jelly makes it the perfect emulsifier to blend the other ingredients together. We personally favour adding a little bit of Dijon mustard as well, but you do you.

  • Protein powder is universally a bit grim. Yes, even the posh ones. There’s not much you can do but grin and bear it - or add a bit of Beer Belly Jelly. It won’t take your shake from horrid to heavenly, but it’ll definitely make it that little bit easier to swallow. Maybe add a bit more than you reckon you need, just to be on the safe side.

As you can see, Beer Belly Jelly is pretty damn versatile. A safe pair of hands for Father’s Day, something you can rely on to actually get used and enjoyed. Unlike those nose hair trimmers, or that little machine that makes guitar picks out of vegetable peel.

Go forth and make his day, or check out the others gems in our fabulous Father’s Day collection.

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