14 Honest Valentine’s Cards for Lovers Who Like To Laugh

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Our shareable Valentine’s cards are here to spice things up

What constitutes romance? Some couples are hopeless romantics, others love the companionship, and then there are those who like to express their love by relentlessly taking the piss out of each other. Since the sentimental Valentine’s card market is over saturated (and far too squishy for our liking), we thought we would find the funniest, most honest Valentine’s sentiments and turn them into shareable Valentine’s cards.

Feel free to use them to gauge your love interest’s sense of humour; if they’re offended, then we just helped you dodge an extremely boring bullet. If you already know that they’re just as twisted as you, then you should definitely check out our collection of unconventional Valentine’s gifts to find a weird and wonderful present to match our weird and wonderful ecards.

Who is this Saint Valentine’s bloke, and why is he making us buy stuff?

Saint Valentine was a Roman bishop who was around in the 3rd century. The story goes that he secretly performed Christian wedding for couples who wanted to escape conscription into the pagan army. It’s for this reason that he is associated with courtship and love (not quite sure how dodging the army qualifies as a romantic motivation for marriage, but okay). Incidentally St Valentine is also the patron saint of epilepsy and beekeeping, so it seems he was busy man. In the end he was beaten with clubs and stones before having his head lobbed off for defying the emperor - not a very ‘love’ly end to his story. He was laid to rest on February 14th, hence why we celebrate Valentine’s Day on that date.

So, now that we’ve put a downer on the whole mood (thanks Saint Valentine), it’s time to turn that frown upside down with 14 of our favourite funny Valentine’s Day cards.

14 honest Valentine’s cards 


Honest Valentine's Cards
















Funny Valentine's Ecards 


 Funny Ecards 


Honest Valentine Card 


Funny love card




Funny romantic ecards


Honest Valentine Card


Funny valentine's card for husband


Honest Valentine's Ecard


Funny valentine's card


Honest greeting cards for wife


Honest Valentine's Day Card


Cheeky Valentine’s Day gifts to match your cheeky Valentine’s card

Flowers, chocolates, scented candles. BORING. Your partner puts up with your sh*t for 365 days a year, you think that a bunch of droopy carnations is going to make them glad they met you? Get off your butt and get that brain into gear. What they need is something original, unconventional even, but most of all personal to them. Check out our Valentine’s Day Gift Collection and you’ll be blown away by how perfect your Valentine’s Gift could be.

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