17 Sensational Christmas Jokes for the Pun Connoisseur

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We Take Christmas Cracker Jokes Seriously

It's Christmas; the global Christmas cracker joke summit has kicked off. Greta's outside with her mates, staring the delegates down until they agree to put the jokes on recycled paper; inside the greatest minds of our time are coming up with the best puns to put in this year’s Christmas crackers. Or are they?

It seems someone from the inside has leaked the first approved joke to the Daily Mail and it’s not looking good.

“Why did the turkey cross the road?
Because he wasn't a chicken.”

*Sigh* We know it's difficult to get 197 people to agree on what makes the cut, but if that’s the best you can do, this whole exercise just feels like a waste of public money tbh.

Quality Christmas Cracker Jokes for All

At Firebox, you may have noticed we are fans of the humble pun (just check out the product descriptions in our Christmas Gift Collection), so we couldn't help but feel it our duty to hunt down Christmas cracker jokes that are actually good. Okay, they might not make you roll on the floor struggling to breathe, but the ones we’ve found did bring a distinct smile to our faces (either that or it was gas from all the mince pies).

So, if your Christmas cracker jokes let you down at the dinner table this year, we’ve got some back-up banter for your back pocket. Make your granny grin, your sister snigger, your cousin cackle, your dad die laughing, and your mum wonder where she went wrong with our collection of quality Christmas cracker jokes.


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Christmas Cracker Jokes


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Funny Christmas Cracker Jokes


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Funny Christmas Cracker Jokes


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Christmas Cracker Jokes


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Funny Christmas Cracker Jokes


Need Christmas Gift Ideas? We’ve Got Some Right Crackers!

At Firebox, we like our Christmas gifts how we like our puns: quality and quirky with the power to make you smile. So, if your mind goes blank whenever you have to buy a gift for someone, check out our bloody brilliant Christmas Gifts Collection; it’s rammed full of original gift ideas to suit any budget, from little-bit-skint to big-dolla-baller.

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