18 Mother’s Day Movies to Match Every Mum’s Unique Style

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The best Mother’s Day movies for all tastes – from funny to frightening

When it comes to Mother’s Day, we seem to get caught up in the gift and forget about the experience. All the flowers and chocolate in the world won’t replace your company, so for a lot of mums, the best Mother’s Day gift you can give is to spend time with her*. What better way to spend a cosy evening with your mum than to snuggle down and watch a good Mother’s Day movie together?

*We are in no way suggesting watching a movie insteadof getting an actual gift, we have our own mums to deal with and don’t want to the wrath of yours.

Mother’s Day movies don’t always have to be a cringe-fest of raw emotion

Some mums do like the sentimental films that have them reaching for the tissues, but others prefer a good laugh, and some are a bit more unconventional, enjoying nothing more than settling down to a gruesome Mother’s Day horror movie with their children. Whatever your mum’s into, we’ve put together the best matriarch-themed movies to make her big day meaningful.

Movies for the Kick-Ass Mums

Mother's Day Movies

Movies for the Funny Mums

Funny Mother's Day Films


Movies for the Horror Mums

 Horror Films about mums


Movies for the Cool Mums

Cool Mother's Day Movies


Movies for the Emotional Mums

Sentimental Mother's Day Movies


Movies for the Supportive Mums

Films about supportive mums

The Best Mother’s Day Gifts (that aren’t your average flowers or chocolates)

You, my friend, are hard work. Mother’s Day is a way to thank the most important lady in your life for the years of cleaning your bum, giving you her last bit of chocolate that she really didn’t want to share, clothing you, cleaning up after your mess, teaching you how to use a spoon, the list goes on. You know how many years she spent looking like crap because all her time was spent on teaching you basic survival skills? A LOT.

Let's face it, supermarket flowers and a box of chocolate just aren’t going to cut it. But here you are, last minute gift buying with no idea what to get the person who literally made you alive. Do not fret, we know what your mum really wants, and we’ve got a whole collection of thoughtful, fun and unusual Mother’s Day gifts that will (almost) make giving birth to you worth all the hassle.

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