21st Birthday Gifts For Adulting Newbies

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21 years old. You’re officially a proper adult. You can drink in America, you can gamble, you can shag, and you’ve been able to buy scratch cards for yonks. There’s almost nothing you can’t legally do - other than rent a car in most countries, but who cares about that?

But you’re still kind of a baby. You’ve probably been at uni living off Pot Noodle and X, but everything is about to change. Unless you’re one of those weirdos doing a five year degree, you’re probably about to head off into the Proper Adult World and get A Proper Job and have to live with flatmates who won’t tolerate your messy nonsense. It’s a bit of a culture shock.

Whether you’re out to treat yourself and make the transition a bit easier through the medium of retail therapy, or you know someone about to take the plunge themselves, this lot is guaranteed to brighten the day of the 21 year old in your life. Even if that 21 year old is you.


100 Tricks To Appear Smart In Meetings

If you thought seminars were boring, you’ll HATE meetings. They’re basically all pointless wastes of time. Our only tip for you is just try to get through it without screaming ‘THIS COULD HAVE BEEN A F*CKING EMAIL!’ - but that’s not particularly helpful. Lucky for you, someone wrote a book about how you should act in meetings.

100 Tricks To Appear Smart In Meetings is a hilarious mixture of genuinely decent tips and cutting satire about the corporate bullshit people love to spill. They’ll try to intimidate with your with their business chat but you’ll be wise to their tricks. That’s the first and last time anyone will try to patronise you!

Alternatively, check out How To Be Successful Without Hurting Men’s Feelings. Your new office may well be full of softies who are intimidated by your Bright-Young-Thing-ness. Be gentle with them.

Harry Potter Foundmi Trackers

Losing your stuff is a fun quirk when you’re in your teens. Makes you feel like someone edgy from Skins when you wake up without your phone and wallet in someone else’s bed. It’s less cute when you’re an adult and have to beg Vodafone to cancel your contract while very hungover before they charge you for £600 in international calls that you didn’t make.

These little trackers will keep tabs on all your stuff. Whether it’s your handbag, phone, wallet, keys, or even the milk in the fridge. Stick one of these little guys on it and you’ll never be without your most important gear ever again.

And, of course, they’re Harry Potter themed. Because you’re never too old for Harry Potter.

Cynical Stationery Notebook Trio

Being an adult involves a hell of a lot more note-taking than most people initially think. Without the rigid structure of academic life to guide your way, you’ve got to start being organised and writing things down. Or just doodling aimlessly when you’re bored in meetings, as one of these sassy little notebooks says.

Each one of these cynical A5 notebooks is the perfect way to express your lingering teenage angst in the workplace or at home. Yeah, you may be bitter, but at least you're organised!

Dodow Sleep Light

If you’re going to be a proper adult with a proper adult job, it’s probably a good idea to start not staying up until 3am every night watching Netflix and falling down an Instagram hole. Save the stalking for when you wake up.

This sleep light will help to soothe you off to sleep. It teaches you how to drift off naturally with a unique metronome-light combination system that re-trains your brain. Users fall asleep 2.5 times faster on average, so you could end up gaining hundreds of extra hours of sleep every year!

It’ll be like you never developed those dodgy sleep habits in the first place.

Disney: The Simple Family Cookbook

We don’t want to have to be the ones to tell you this, but your old diet isn’t sustainable. Crisps and oven pizzas does not a healthy adult make. But we don’t expect you to be a pro in the kitchen either. Hell, we know we weren’t master chefs at that age. We reckon there’s no easier or slightly embarrassinger way to get you cooking than this Disney cookbook.

Let’s be clear - this is not for kids. It may be super simple with pictures and step by step instructions, but there are some complex flavour palettes in here. And nobody is too mature to enjoy recreating some of the iconic dishes from your favourite Disney films. If you can put aside your ego and admit you’re not Ainsley Harriott for a minute, there are dozens of amazing, easy meals you can whip up from this thing.


Not found the perfect gift to help welcome someone to the world of adulting? Check out our homeware section, we guarantee you’ll find something to make their new life easier.

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