3 Gift Ideas For The Dog Obsessive

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The humble corgi. Meaning 'dwarf dog' in Welsh, these sweet, stumpy little pups are finally enjoying the attention they deserve. The spotlight has been on pugs for far too long. So say hello to our corgilicious new range and give the little fluffers the adoration they should have had a long time ago.

Corgi Animated Animal Hat

What do people need in winter? HATS. And what do people never buy themselves? HATS. And when someone finally does receive a hat as a gift, what will it be? A BORING KNITTED BEANIE! Break the cycle. Rise above. Get them one of these.

This animated corgi hat is obscenely warm and fleecy, with long bits on the sides to keep your ears toasty in all temperatures. Said long bits end with paws that you can squeeze to make the ears on top twitch and dance, just like a real curious corgi’s. There is not a person alive who wouldn’t be charmed by this sweet pooch and his head insulating, ear animating capabilities.

We’ve even heard rumours that the Queen has one of these for when she takes the corgis for a walk around Balmoral, but we couldn’t possibly comment on whether that’s true or not.

P.S cold headed corgi lover’s present, sorted. But what for the bunny obsessives and the black cat fanatic? Don’t worry, we’ve got animated hats for them too. Check ‘em out here.

Milo the Corgi Heated Slippers

Don’t let socks take centre stage at Christmas again this year when there’s a much cosier, warmer, softer alternative - in the form of these corgi shaped heated slippers.

There’s a lot going on in that meaty morsel of product title, so let’s break it down. These are slippers, shaped like adorable corgis - modelled after a specific corgi named Milo, in fact. They are also heated, charging up via USB for hours of wireless warmth.

The blissful warmth emitted by these adorable slippers is second to only one thing: the sensation of having a real irl fat little corgi sat on your feet. But real irl fat little corgis are quite a bit more expensive than these fabulous slippers, so we’d recommend you just go for them unless you have a spare thousand pounds burning a hole in your pocket. And real corgis shed hair like mad. And do little poos. Just go with the slippers, they’re much lower maintenance.

Milo the Corgi Humidifier

Hey, isn’t that the dog from the slippers up there? Ooh, we’ve got an observant one in the audience! Milo is BACK, and he’s a… humidifier? Yeah. It’s a tiny bit random, but he’s so weirdly majestic that it works. Bear with us. (Or should that be… DOG with us?!)

Milo has shapeshifted (shapeshuft?) into a 2-in-1 diffuser and humidifier and he is READY to freshen up your stuffy old house. We think it suits him. The detailed paintwork and sculpting on his face and body is quite something to look at. For something that’s technically a little bit novelty, it’s pretty damn classy.

This perfect pooch will spend 6-8 hours at a time either rehydrating the air when you fill him up with water, or filling your home with a delicate mist of natural, relaxing fragrance when you fill him up with your favourite essential oil. What a good boy.

Some studies say that using a humidifier reduces rubbish cold weather gripes like dry skin and help ease the symptoms of a cold like sore throat and stuffy nose. It ain’t perfect, but it’s the closest to a cure for the common cold we’re going to get, until Lemsip ups their game and starts putting cute little corgis on their sachets.


Corgi this, corgi that, where are the pugs, the French bulldogs, the golden retrievers?! Don’t you worry, we’ve got dog stuff to suit everyone. Click here to check the range out!

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