3 Ingredients For A Magical Easter

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Go big or go home with… Unicorn Easter Egg

This, friends, is the BIG one. You can’t even imagine the size of the unicorn that popped this out. And it’s not bad to look at either.

But this luxury number not just a pretty face. Crack it open to find not a baby unicorn (sadly) but a big, thick, white chocolate egg with a cluster of marshmallows and sprinkles lovingly embedded into the front.

Let us tell you now: marshmallows and white chocolate is a proper winner of a combo. You’ll vow to stud all your future chocolate with marshmallows from the first bite onwards.

Spread the love with… Unicorn Eggs

Fancy something a bit less absolutely massive? We recommend these bitesize beauties. Perfect for sharing - or for scoffing in one go, if you’re a proper chocoholic. They’re the standard size of unicorn egg, unlike that massive thing up there.

But don’t underestimate them, they’re solid. Literally, solid. Each one is a magically smooth hunk of white chocolate laced with popping candy and honeycomb chunks, individually foil-wrapped to stay fresh and laid in a proper egg box.

Oh, and did we mention that they’re shimmery? Nothing makes a product instantly Insta-worthy like edible lustre. Er, sorry, unicorn fairy dust. Obviously.

Keep it classic with… Unicorn Chocolate

You can’t go wrong with a good old fashioned bar of chocolate. But this is a far cry from your nana’s monthly ration of Bourneville.

Shrinkflation may have rounded the corners off all the other chocolate bars, but here at Firebox we don’t believe in that sh*t. This is a proper bar of white chocolate (are you noticing a theme here?) marbled with pink and blue swirls of bubblegum flavour.

This bad boy uses the milk of Belgian unicorns for that premium mouthfeel, and features a delightful sprinkle of... sprinkles. Oh, and that unicorn fairy dust mentioned earlier. Added for quality control, just in case the unicorns’ glitter glands were malfunctioning that day.


Too magical? Ah, a muggle in our midst. Sorry, you shouldn’t be able to read this article! We thought our anti-normal blocking system was in working order but clearly the IT elves have been phoning it in recently.

Wait, don’t go anywhere! We’ve got plenty of fun Easter bits for you here.

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