30th Birthday Gift Ideas They'll Remember

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Everyone assumes that by 30 you’ll be Very Sensible and only into things like early nights and herbal tea and ritualistic meal prep. We consulted a 30 year old and found out that, shockingly, this is not the case. In fact, they're the same person they were when they were 29. And they cited these specific products as Things All 30 Year Olds Would Love.


I Miss Drugs

Okay, so they’re still the same person they were 10 years ago, but these days they might have a better chance of passing a drug test. Just because the cheeky Friday night habit has ceased doesn’t mean they don’t secretly long to spend the odd night gurning away in some sticky-floored club with all the hip young things.

And what better way to convey that sentiment to the world than this mug? The ideal gift for any trigenerian who’s more caffeine than cocaine these days.

That’s So ‘90s Quiz

If you’re turning 30 and have never been in a coma, you probably remember most of the ‘90s. Ditto that for all your mates. So you’ll all be a dab hand at this nostalgic quiz game, no doubt.

Test your '90s knowhow with 1,000 questions on all things general knowledge. Music, movies, TV, science & tech, sport, pop culture, you name it. Even any stray Gen Z-ers who end up at your party will be able to get a few.

Finally, knowing which toy Arnold Schwarzenegger's character vows to get her son for Christmas in Jingle All The Way will pay off.

Peanut Butter and Jam Old Fashioned

They probably drink a bit less than they did a decade ago. Or maybe they drink a bit more, depending on precisely how disastrous their twenties were for them. Either way, this Peanut Butter and Jam Old Fashioned will go down a treat.

A far cry from the premixes of yore, this warming bourbon has been infused with notes of peanut butter and homemade raspberry jam. Every single bottle is labelled and corked by hand in East London. Oh, and dipped in a delicious raspberry-scented wax seal for a final flourish. Definitely a thoughtful present they won’t forget.

Game Boy Alarm Clock

They’re no stranger to early rises, but those sleepy starts to the day don’t have to be as unbearable as they once were. Enter the Game Boy Alarm Clock.

This officially licensed bit of swag is basically a perfect replica of Nintendo's best ever handheld - except it's a clock. And you can't play games on it. But it does play some genuinely delightful Super Mario Land alarm tunes.

Head Case

With your third decade brings wrinkles, clicking knees and weird nose hair. Cheer up, it’s not all bad! There’s also increased confidence, higher income and, according to some studies, more travelling!

Your pal will enjoy this personalised number regardless of how much travelling they can afford to do. Let them take their favourite person (or animal!) anywhere they want without forking out for an additional ticket. And they come in different sizes to accommodate their luggage, from dad-on-a-business-trip to Paris-Hilton-on-a-retreat.

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