5 Dad-Friendly Gifts Under £20

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A lot of Dads get angry if you splash more than £20 on them for Father’s Day. But that doesn’t confine you to gifting him some tat - especially not when we’ve got plenty of dad-friendly crowdpleasers that won’t leave you out of pocket.

P.S. This guide also applies for anyone who’s dad is not their dad-dad, be it your step-dad, your grandpa, your brother, your uncle, a mate, or anyone else. There are no dad laws. Go forth and treat your father figure.


100 Craft Beers Scratch Poster

Take yourself back around 15-20 years. Remember, back in your high-chair days, when you didn’t want to eat that new weird vegetable? And do you remember what your dad said about it? You know, it’s important to try new things. Well he’s been propping up the same beer brand for years now, thus making him a hypocrite.

With this poster, you won’t need to pretend the can is an aeroplane to encourage him to broaden his horizons. He’ll be so enthralled by the fun scratch off panels that he’ll gravitate to the nearest Whole Foods and stock up on craft beer as fast as he can. And, y’know, it’s an excuse for a few tinnies. What better present is there than that?

Sock Yourself Personalised Socks

Personalised socks. The perfect way to secretly inject a bit of fun into his boring work outfit. Not as wacky as a jazzy tie, classier than novelty cufflinks, and it won’t out him as a ‘quirky’ fella in an environment where he needs to be taken seriously. Unless he decides to roll up his trousers. Then all bets are off.

You can pop any face you want on these super cosy socks. You, your sibling, your mum, Nigella Lawson, anyone. Just upload your photo and we’ll do the rest. He’ll be hiding someone special’s face on his feet in no time.

Whiskey Bullets

If you put ice in whiskey, it’ll dilute it. Which is rubbish. There’s no point cracking out the finest when you’re about to effectively pour a load of tap water into it. If your pa likes a finger or two of the malty stuff, he’ll be no stranger to this problem.

Free him from watery whiskey with these whiskey bullets. They work the same as ice cubes - just pop them in the freezer, then pop them in his drink! Cold tipple without the dilution. Problem solved.

Okay, so the whole bullet thing is a bit extreme, but are you telling me it won't secretly make him feel a bit badass?

Make Your Own Beef Jerky Kit

Dubious-origin beef jerky from the pub is nice, but home made jerky is on another level. And you don’t have to worry it’s made of snouts and trotters. Score!

Send him off to the local butcher for some lean beef and let this stylish kit do the rest. It contains everything else you need to whip up two hearty 500g batches of the tough stuff, including different seasoning options so he can turn the heat up to suit his needlessly specific dad preferences.

He’ll never buy another sad packet of biltong again.

Marmite Popcorn

Dads are old, so they’ve had plenty of time to try all the snacks. But we guarantee he won’t have had this stuff yet - and if he has, we know he loved ‘em.

This stuff should come with a warning because it's so ridiculously moreish. Basically it's caramel popcorn with a luxurious Marmite glaze - but it's SO much more than that. This yeasty feast is a taste adventure. A veritable voyage through the finest flavours planet Earth has to offer.

He’ll scoff the bag in one go and be left with a genuine grin on his face. Can’t say that about that ‘World’s Best Dad’ mug, can you?


Still not found the perfect prez for the man you call Dad? Not to worry, we’ve got loads of father-safe options for you. Check ‘em out.

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