5 Housewarming Gifts That Will Actually Get Used

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Something as exciting (and stressful!) as moving house deserves an equally exciting (but not equally stressful) present. Like one of these! We reckon anyone would be delighted to receive one of these. Least of all because the more new stuff they get, the longer they can put off unpacking.


Cat Loose Leaf Tea Mug

There’s always an excuse for a new mug, especially when one has probably thrown out all of their old mugs in the move. At least all the ones with the weird hot chocolate residue and grotty ghosts of a thousand teas at the bottom.

This mug is a cut above the standard, with its adorable yet minimalist design and built-in infuser. Simply pop a measure of your favourite loose leaf tea in there or stuff a tea bag in for superior steepage - it’s full of micro-pores that allow the leaves to infuse without slipping out of the cage. Either way is good though. They’ll be feline well smug with their classy, cute new mug.

Moon Terrarium

They’ve got a new home, but their cacti are still wilting away in the same old pots they came in. Doesn’t sound fair, does it?

Treat one of those poor succulents to an amazing new abode in the form of this Moon Terrarium! Just decant a bit of soil into this and bed them down to make that poor plant's day. Not only does it look cool with that holographic oil-slick exterior, it creates the perfect environment for them to flourish, mimicking the desert conditions they so badly crave.

Failing that, you could buy your friend a greenhouse. We’d recommend you just went with one of these instead. Bit easier to wrap for them.

Face Mat Personalised Door Mat

Friends don’t let friends make do with the manky old door mat left behind by their new home’s last tenant. Sling that beaten up thing into the bin and pop this shiny new hilarious one down in its place. They’ll be grateful you did.

You don't have to go with our lovely model's face, you can have anyone's mug you want on your mat! Just upload your photo and we'll sort the rest out, from cutting the face out to tiling it across the mat and getting it made. They're seriously durable, machine washable, and a perfect way to ensure your lucky recipient always gets to come home to their favourite person.

Friends Photo Frame

Photo frames are always one of the last things to be bought for a new place. Sad, really. That you would let your treasured memories languish in a box for months before bothering to put them on display. This is your calling to save their precious photos from gathering dust - namely by gifting them this.

The perfect gift for any F.R.I.E.N.D.S superfan, this photo frame is an ideal way to display your favourite photo of Phoebe’s dad behind the front door.

Save them the effort and put a picture of you and your mate in there for bonus points.

Little Bao Dumpling Light

It’s customary to get a takeaway on the first night in a new place - mainly because all of your cooking stuff is still boxed up, partially because you deserve it after lugging all that heavy stuff around all day.

Don't just get them to a measly takeaway, go the extra mile with this adorable xiao long bao light! Unlike their Chinese order this little fella will hang around forever, providing a soothing glow and warmth. He’s even squidgy, like a real dumpling. Well, texture-wise he feels more like mochi than a dumpling but we’re not here to argue.


Not found the perfect gift? To be fair, there’s only five on this list. Maybe your recipient is very picky. Check out loads more stuff that might be up their street here.

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