5 MORE Show Stealing Stocking Fillers

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Toy Story Alien Mug

Just because you're not Andy's age in the first movie any more doesn't mean you don't want a bit of fun in your presents. And what better area to inject said fun than in your lucky recipient's stocking!

This mug as cute as it is practical. Providing a lick of 90s nostalgia, it's grown up enough to proudly offer someone a cuppa in, but exciting enough to make you feel exactly how Andy felt when he got Buzz Lightyear. Because new crockery can be as exciting to a millennial as an interactive space ranger is to a 10 year old.

Dickhead Hoopla

If you read MOST stocking filler gift guides these days, they’ll suggest things like a £60 scented candle (that’s exclusive to somewhere like Harrods and sold out, natch) and a year’s worth of Nespresso pods. Which is totally cool, if you’re an oil baron, bitcoin millionaire, or a social media influencer. The rest of us plebs want our lovely little treasures back, things like tubes of Smarties and novelty fun and games.

Things like Dickhead Hoopla. It’s super easy to play, everyone knows what hoopla is. Just strap the glorious plastic dong onto your head with the comfy adjustable headband and get tossing! The rings that is. Get your mind out of the gutter or you’ll get nothing but coal.

Spreadable Gin

You really can't go wrong with this all-time bestseller. Raise a toast to this majestic jar of spreadable gin. But what is it? Gin, but spreadable! Literally. We thought it was obvious.

Each knifeful of this award-winning gin-infused preserve is more luscious than the last. But don't stop at cutlery - you can also drink it, bake with it or devour it straight from the jar with your hands.

Best bit? It won't give you a crippling hangover! The alcohol evaporates during production, leaving behind only those delicious botanical flavours. Lovely stuff.

Mini Plant Pot Gnomes

There's something weirdly festive about gnomes. Why aren’t gnomes more involved with Christmas? They seem like the type. They would do well in Santa’s workshop: they fit the size restrictions, they’re a bit like elves - hell, they even look like miniature versions of Santa himself, what with the red hat and white beard and all.

Anyway, these adorable miniature gnomes are the perfect way to brighten a sad window box or jazz up a pot plant. Turn your flower pots into magical wonderlands, buzzing with gnome activity. Each one has a different personality and wields their own little garden tool, awww. Just don’t expect any pruning or watering to get done, these little guys are a little lazy. And, y’know, inanimate.

The Chakras Activity Book and Journal

The holidays are meant to be maxin’, relaxin’, not too taxin’, but the sad reality is that many of us come back from our time off still feeling frazzled - we’re looking at you, workaholics and heads of big families!

When the roast has gone wrong, the tree has been set on fire, the kids are fighting and their partner’s weird uncle is going off on one about why he voted Leave, they’ll be glad they got this guide to all things Chakras in their stocking. It's packed full of activities to keep you calm and balanced, even through the worst festive disasters the season can throw at you.


Hey big spender, not got enough goodies to stuff those stockings with? Check out our first blog post or the rest of our festive sock fillers here.

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