5 Mother's Day Gifts For Gin Obsessives

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It is a truth universally acknowledged that most mums love a bit of gin. And it’s a bloody good thing too, with all these fail-safe gin gifts. She deserves an intoxicating treat after putting up with all your nonsense for so long.


Spreadable Gin Gift Set

Can’t choose which Spreadable your gin-loving mama would adore most? Don’t settle for just one! This gift set contains three of our bestselling diddy Spreadable gins - the original, the pink gin, and our NEW EXCLUSIVE gin and juice.

Dip things in them, smear them on things, bake with them, turn them into crazy cocktails. The options are limitless. And they come in cute little reusable jars, and everyone loves a cute little jar.

The Artisan Colour Changing Gin Kit

This isn't your mum's first rodeo. She's been ‘round the block a few times, stopping at the various bars and distilleries along the way. Perhaps her once-favourite spirit has lost its sparkle in her eyes.

Revive her gin lust with this mesmerising colour changing kit. It contains almost everything she needs to make 5 x 500ml bottles of gin that changes colour when mixed with tonic. Mental. Even the clumsiest butterfingered mother can make this stuff. It’s as easy as it is impressive.

Gindulgent Gin Infusing Kit

Is she more about substance over style? Classic mum trait. Following the theme of stimulating her senses and DIY, this kit might be more her cup of tea. Or shot of gin, rather.

This low effort DIY produces an intoxicatingly fabulous result: 4 x 350ml batches of infused gin, each one with a different unique twist. Will she prefer rose and raspberry, chocolate orange, liquorice, or rhubarb and ginger? Don’t answer that, let her figure it out for herself!

100 Gins Scratch Poster

Your mum always encouraged you to try new things, namely manky new vegetables and boring National Trust houses. But now the tables have turned. You can nudge her gently in the direction of exciting new gins, with a little help from this poster. With over 100 new types of mother’s ruin to try, you’re not just giving her a sweet bit of wall art but an excuse to indulge in her favourite tipple.

Giant Gin Glass

This Giant Gin Glass is majestic in its own right, but it makes a perfect partner in crime for any of the gifts above. Decant those spreadables into it. Squash that poster into it until it’s a crumpled lump. Not a lot you can do with the Artisan Colour Changing Gin Kit but what a fantastic two-part prezzy.


Not feeling gin-spired? Check out the rest of our Mother’s Day gifts for EVEN MORE fabulous gift ideas.

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