5 Perfect Gifts To Surprise A Disney Fan With

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What do you get for the Disney fan with everything? One of these lovely bits! Or DisneyWorld tickets, if you’re minted and stupidly generous. But we’d recommend these bits, no mate is worth getting into debt over.


Toy Story Alien Mug

Become ‘the claw’ of your own cupboard with this intergalactic ceramic number. A perfect rendering of one of the adorable Toy Story alien’s heads, this mug is the perfect partner to a cuppa - or even a bowl of your favourite childhood cereal! The rim is wide enough that you could easily spoon your Coco Pops out of it without an issue.

Functionality aside, this mug is just too cute to pass up. Look at his little mouth! It’s like he’s saying ‘oooooh’ like in the films! Just don’t let Sid get his hands on it or he’ll run it through the dishwasher.

Disney Princess Face Masks

Ever wanted to look like your favourite Disney princess? Of course you have, they’re all unrealistically beautiful! You may never be as poreless as them, but you can definitely get a bit closer to their flawless complexions with this set of masks.

Each one of this set of four is packed full of natural, skin-friendly ingredients to nourish and soothe. Are you in need of hydration? Or maybe you need some green tea antioxidants to refresh. Either way, there’s a mask for you.

Sounds fab, right? But the princess-perfect skin isn't even the best bit! These sheet masks are printed with the image of each respective princess, so you really look like her while you’re wearing it! Don’t worry, the design can’t transfer to your face. Imagine if it did, though. At least nobody would be looking at your spots anymore!

Mrs Potts Teapot

You've had decades to come to terms with the fact that you'll never visit the Beast's castle and be serenaded by the crockery but if you’re still miserable about it, our lovely Mrs Potts Teapot should help to ease the pain.

Drink your tea like a true 18th century French princess with this near perfect replica of Mrs. Potts. The only thing missing is the voice of Angela Lansbury, but you could just stick on an episode of Murder She Wrote for similar effect.

Of course, she would be lonely without the hundreds of napkins and forks to talk to, so if you buy Mrs Potts before Monday 1st July (10am BST), we'll send you a FREE Chip Mug worth £12.99! Can't argue with that.

Buzz Lightyear Egg Cup and Toast Cutter

Breakfast? More like borefast. Unless you’ve got one of these.

If you've ever wanted to dress up an egg, now's your chance. This kit allows you to turn your morning egg into everyone’s favourite intergalactic space ranger. Complete with breathable space helmet and his very own purple spoon, your egg will look so much that you might find yourself screaming ‘YOU. ARE. AN. EGG.’ at it. Especially if you’ve not had your coffee yet.

Nobody gets left behind in Toy Story and nobody should get left behind at the breakfast table either. Especially not the toast. That’s why this kit also comes with a stamper to give your toast the crest of Star Command! Not sure what to do about your side of bacon though, you’ll just have to pretend it’s Hamm.

Disney’s The Simple Family Cookbook

Whether you’ve got kids or not, this cookbook is both indispensable and fun. You've made practically everything on BBC Good Food by now but you’re not quite ready to get stuck into Heston Blumenthal’s repertoire: it's time for something new.

Don’t let the word ‘simple’ fool you, these recipes may be easy but they’re not just for kids. Each one is suitable for adult palettes and AND chicken nugget addicted children. Treat yourself to an offical plate of Lady and the Tramp meatballs, or a Lilo and Stitch approved Hawaiian pizza.

Or maybe you're after something a little more balanced - why not whip up Mrs. Incredible's smoked salmon and spinach lasagne? Don’t worry, we don’t remember them eating that during the film either. Must be a detail that got lost during the concept art phase.

There are even recipes for entertaining, so you can throw a party themed after your favourite Disney flick complete with authentic food from the film! Beauty and the Beast cocktail blini, anyone?


Right, that’s the end of the post.

But where are the Aladdin goodies? And Marvel?! And don’t even get us started on Star Wars. Don’t worry, the gang’s all here - check out even more Disney goodies here.

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