5 Pretty Perfect Presents for Plant Mums

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Plant-y bits are one of the most thrilling gifts you can give - particularly if the giftee loves a bit of green in her life. This lot is perfect for plant mums who could do with a more exciting indoor garden.


Grow Your Own Palm Tree

You may not be able to afford the Carribean getaway she deserves, but you can bring the tropics to her. Sort of. Minus the crystal clear waters and silkily fine sand and the scorching weather.

This little box allows her to grow her very own palm tree in the most eco-friendly way possible. The cube it comes in naturally decomposes and turns into fertiliser for the plant. In six short months, she’ll be the proud owner of a proper palm. Patience sold separately.

Mini Plant Pot Gnomes

Cheer up that indoor garden with some of these little fellas. These Mini Plant Pot Gnomes are the perfect accessory for a plant mum who longs to have a proper garden to decorate but is stuck with a rusty window box of pansies and a cracked plastic supermarket pot of basil in the kitchen.

This pack contains four of them, each a different colour with his own little gnomey personality. If you think she shows a stupid amount of affection to those plants now, you ain’t seen nothing yet. She’s going to be tossing scraps of chicken into the plant pots because ‘it’s Bilbo’s favourite’ for weeks.

Gizmo Chia Pet

All mums love a good throwback. Especially one as multi-layered as this. Two ‘80s cult classic things in one product? Yowza.

This Chia Pet is a perfect ceramic rendering of Gizmo from Gremlins. Pop some seeds in him and watch as he grows a coat of luscious bouncy chia within 1-2 weeks. It comes with three packets of seeds, but after they're spent you can reuse Gizmo with any other herby plant you want.

It’s the Giz that keeps on giving!

Coffee To Grow

Is she always on the grow? Is she a keen bean when it comes to saving money? Coffee To Grow will go down a treat with her.

This nifty kit comes with everything she needs to grow her own amazing arabica coffee - just add water! Forget standing in line at Starbucks and shilling out loads for a so-so cuppa in an environment-murdering disposable cup, now she can be the smuggest coffee addict in the entire world when she’s drinking her own homegrown brew.

After a few months of growth, you can plant the entire cup into a plot of soil and it will naturally decompose and turn into a tasty fertiliser for your coffee crop. Take that, Nescafe.

Pimp Your Gin

Plants are nice, but they can feel a little aimless. Why am I growing you? What are YOU bringing to the table, other than removing toxic carbon dioxide from the atmosphere so I can breathe better? It's not like plants pay rent, or even do the dishes.

This kit will give her plants some purpose. It contains everything you need to grow the perfect partners in crime for gin and tonic: cucumber, rosemary, thyme and lavender.

Just think how much joy you'll bring her when she's able to smugly serve her friends a cocktail decorated with homegrown, expertly chosen, 100% organic garnishes.


All a bit too Monty Don for you? We’ve got plenty of less plant-y gifts for mums who wouldn’t be caught dead in a pair of gardening gloves.

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