5 Unexpected Christmas Gifts For Him

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We’re going to push the boat out and start with a sweeping sexist generalisation: men just buy stuff for themselves throughout the year - leaving their friends, family and partners in a slightly awkward position when it comes to birthdays and Christmas.

We don't have any stats to back that up. Just a feeling.

Aaanyway. This gift guide should help you find that elusive Christmas present he didn't even know he wanted.

Disclaimer! We’re not massive fans of using terms like ‘Gifts for Him’ and ‘Gifts for Her’ - but sometimes, sometimes it’s pretty useful shorthand for ‘gifts we think the men in your life may enjoy’. So just see this as a handy gift guide (because it is) - we’re not suggesting that women don’t want to brew their own beer or wear beard baubles etc.

Beard Baubles

1. Beard Baubles

If your dad, brother or lover has taken the time to cultivate a luxurious nest of facial hair - it deserves celebration, it needs decoration. These mini baubles clip into their whiskers to transform them into a living, breathing (if slightly reluctant) Christmas tree.

Or you could use them to drop a subtle hint that your baby-faced boyfriend needs to grow a damned beard - he can hang them on the tree until he’s pushed out some respectable fuzz.

Brewdog Elvis Juice Beer Making Kit

2. Brew your own Elvis Juice

The founders of Brewdog legally changed their names to swerve some petty legal wranglings and bring you the delicious beer known as Elvis Juice. Now they’ve created this kit so the man in your life can stop talking about brewing his own beer and actually bloody do it.

Best of all - we’ve road-tested this DIY brewing kit, and unlike some others that end up producing a grim and yeasty concoction - we can confirm that homemade Elvis Juice tastes absolutely sensational.

3. Bread Slippers

3. Bread Slippers

Everyone likes the idea of slipping on a pair of cosy slippers, but everyone’s rightly afraid that they’ll quickly transform into a shuffling 85-year-old. The solution? These loafers. Novelty, yes - but still very warm, AND they couldn't possibly be misconstrued as elderly fashion statements.


4. KiiPix Instant Photo Printer

Here's another broad, unsubstantiated generalisation - men like to spend hours/weeks/months researching technology before they buy it. You gift a man a camera, fitness tracker or pair of headphones - you better hold on to that receipt.

The KiiPix on the other hand uses tried and tested "technology" and works seamlessly with your man's existing devices. This minimalist photo printer lets him turn his smartphone pics into real life physical vintage masterpieces - and all without batteries, cables or apps.

Note: If he still hates it (tasteless bastard) we have our usual extended Christmas returns policy.

Dickhead Hoopla

5. Dickhead Hoopla

If you liked it then you shoulda put a ring on it. Ho ho ho. This doesn't need too much explanation. He's going to want to play some games on Christmas day - why not one involving a big pink strap-on penis? This hoopla game isn't so bad either.


Bonus gift! Illumibowl

It's essentially a disco light for the loo. Definitely just a cool ambient light feature for his toilet, not a vain attempt to discourage him from emptying another bladder's worth of lemonade on the bathroom floor during the night. Not that at all.

Hopefully this has given you a lil' inspo - now go and check out the rest of our Christmas Gifts for Him.

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