50th Birthday Gifts That Will Make Her Day

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NovelTea Alcoholic Tea

Here at Firebox, we like to think you’re never too old for fun. But by 50, you’re probably a bit too wise and mature to enjoy the drinks of yore. Smirnoff Ices and, hold us, gloriously shimmery Unicorn Tears Gins probably don’t do it for you anymore. But you can rest assured this will.

These alcoholic tea blends are about as refined and sophisticated as it gets. Made with only the finest hand-picked botanicals, each blend has a unique story and history. The founders gallivanted all over the world, hunting for the most exquisite herbs and leaves in their quest for perfection. Rest assured they found it, and this is the result. Well worth the trip.

iKettle 3rd Gen

She’s spent her life seemingly trekking back and forth from the kettle. Now it’s time she clawed back those wasted minutes. How? iKettle.

This genius gadget lets you boil water from anywhere in the world via your smartphone. Have it waiting for you when you come home - or when you wake up! There’s a special mode that kicks it off at a particular time so you'll never have another coffee-less morning again.

This thing is packed with clever features, but we won’t list them here or your pal will have turned 51 by the end of it!

Chrome Lava Lamp

Throw it back to the good ol’ days with this Chrome Lava Lamp. Their old digs were probably full of stuff like this. We bet any money they had their very own lava lamp perched on their cinderblock-plank bookcase when they were younger.

But they’ve come a long way - both your lucky recipient AND the humble lava lamp. These chrome ones are next level, with seriously luxe rose gold casing and minimalist black globs of magma in a golden dew. It’ll look at home in any modern home while providing a classy nod back to their memories. Perfect.

Personalised Letterbox Wine

No time to see her in person? Too far away to warrant the journey? We feel ya, no shame there. But massive shame on you if you use that as an excuse not to get her something.

This post-friendly wine should sort you out. The super slimline bottles manage to hold the standard 75cl of the fermented stuff in a way that slots neatly through most standard letterboxes.

Best bit? You can personalise it with any message you want. From ‘Happy Birthday Sharon you old slapper x’ to a lovely demure ‘Hope you have a fab day!’, we’ll print it for you.

Spreadable Gin Gift Pack

By the time you're 50, you’ll know that quality is better than quantity. Which is why she’ll appreciate this exclusive gift set. Aside from the fact that its contents are irresistibly tasty.

Pop open the box to reveal a mini Spreadable Gin, Pink Gin, and NEW Gin and Juice, each one more delectable than the last. The pots may be small, but they hide a wealth of incredible, versatile gin marmalades inside.

We defy anyone, 50 or otherwise, to deny that these diddy Spreadable Gins are adorable and delicious.


Not found just the right piece to delight the 50 year old lady in your life? Not to worry, we’ve got loads more gift ideas for her here.

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