6 Personalised Xmas Gifts for the Imaginative

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Personalised Hot Heads

It’s winter. It’s cold. And, much as we’d like to think this is how the weather works, it doesn’t get any warmer after Christmas. No, my shivery friend, the worst is yet to come.

Which is why this hot little face is the perfect Christmas gift. It’s personalisable with ANY face you want, an actually useful gift, and (best bit!) it’s under £15. The perfect stocking stuffer or secret santa gift - nobody doesn’t want warm, cosy extremities when the bitter wind comes a-knockin’.

Personalised Santa Sack

Dumping the presents under the tree? Shoving them into a bin bag? Come on, you’ve spent all that time painstakingly wrapping them, they deserve a better resting place before they’re savagely torn open and gawped at.

… Such as one of these sassy sacks! You can customise this sweary, otherwise traditional sack with ANY name you want. You could even put another swear word on it if the F word isn’t enough for you. We might have to tell your mum to wash your mouth out with soap though.

Personalised Letterbox Wine

Too far away to turn up out of the blue with a bottle of wine? Damn, that’s rough. Treat your loved ones to a swig of vino without even bothering with a trip to the post office/offie. (The post offie? Note to self: enquire about possibility of setting up a post office that also sells fine wines, could be lucrative)

You can even personalise it to say whatever you’d like. From “Drink up, bitch” to “Wishing you a wonderful Christmas xx”, we’ll make you your very own label, stick it on the bottle, and pop it through your mate’s letterbox. Easy peasy!

Face Wrap

Have you ever noticed that all the wrapping paper in the shops is a bit rubbish? Just nod, you definitely know what we’re talking about.

Look, we don’t really need to make a case for this one. It would be THRILLING to receive a gift covered in someone’s face. Especially if it was someone you know, like yourself, or Judi Dench.

But this wrapping paper is more than just a series of tiled pretty faces. Not only is it FSC certified, but it comes in three different lengths so you don’t end up with way more than you need. Rainforest = saved.

Head Case

Paying someone a visit overseas? Freak ‘em out at the airport with one of these. “Let me take your bags for you,” they’ll say, shortly before they erupt into peals of mellifluous laughter as they see their very own face stretched over your Samsonite pull along.

Or, you know, you could make them their very own one, for their luggage. But it would be way more fun to just make one for yourself. Or do both. But then we would suggest that, wouldn’t we?

Sock Yourself

Ah, socks. The ol’ faithful cliché Christmas gift. But, let’s face it, everybody loves ‘em.

But just in case the person you’re buying for is the biggest Scrooge in the entire universe and impossible to satisfy, put any face you want on them and watch their hard, cold shell melt away as they acknowledge the tremendous effort you made just to make their Christmas a little bit more special.

Except it wasn’t tremendous effort, it was very easy and we did it all for you. But shh, that’s our little secret.


Let’s face it, we’ve not even begun to cover the full range of personalised stuff we offer. Check it out here if you want to put faces on other objects.

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