7 Easy, Classy Hen-Do Upgrades

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Feather boas. Pink cowboy hats. Giant inflatable willies. Been there, done that, sipped a mojito out of a willy shaped straw.

The humble hen do has levelled up since its clichéd beginnings. All that stuff is fun but we reckon you can do better than that. Everyone has all that tacky sh*t, why not make it a bit more personal for the bride and your fellow hens? Literally though. You can’t really get more personal than someone’s face.

Head Case

Off somewhere exotic? You don’t want to be the only hens without some personalised gear. But a boring old hoodie with the bride’s name on it and the owner’s nickname (Gin Queen, Tipsy Tina, Knob Muncher, Yummy Mummy, Grandma for the oldest of the gang, etc.) are so last decade.

There are classier, funnier ways to show the dear denizens of the airport that you and your gang are here for a serious laugh. Namely with these Head Cases. They fit snugly over any size of luggage to keep it scuff-free. Imagine the sheer joy of seeing a giant version of the bride’s face spinning round the baggage carousel. Hilarious.

And, unlike with the hoodies, Border Control won’t address you as ‘Chief Slag’ if you’re toting one of these.

Fresh Face

Got a long drive to the hen do destination? Pop one of these on your rearview mirror and let your bride’s favourite person guide the way. We’re assuming it’ll probably be her lucky partner,

Alternatively, this would make a fantastic gift for the bride’s lucky fella. Have one of these made of the bride’s face and make sure he sticks it in his car to remind him not to go too crazy on his stag. It may put a dampener on the bachelor banter but if it makes them reconsider wolf-whistling a lollipop lady then we reckon it’s worth it.

This still stands for same sex couples too, just give the bride-freshener to the crazier of the two ladies.

Bunt Face Personalised Bunting

No matter where the hen do is happening, there will always be somewhere to sling up some bunting. Make the space your own and mark your territory, whether it’s your mate’s living room, the corner of a pub, a spot in the park or a bit of the beach. Plus it saves everyone craning their neck and trying to find where on earth you’ve set yourselves up at the beginning. Nobody could miss the waving flags of the bride’s face.

Go without personalised bunting at the risk of losing your clumsiest hen when she’s five glasses of prosecco deep and stumbling back from the toilet.

Two-Faced Mushions Personalised Cushion

You could just get some cushions made of the bride, but why stop at one face when you can have two? Especially considering there’s two people getting married and all.

The classic option is the bride on one side and her fiancé on the other, but you could opt for her kids, her best mates, her favourite celebrities, even her parents if you fancied it! Not sure how that’s relevant to her getting married but we’re not going to stop you.

Brick Yourself Personalised Mini Figures

All this face business is fun, but we wouldn’t be entirely surprised if your bride tribe don’t want to display their new gear all year round. Faces may not go with their current interior theme. Why not give the bride something she can cherish forever?

Nothing says 'all the best in your new holy matrimony' like a set of Lego doppelgangers trapped in a frame. Don’t worry, they’re not really trapped, you can take them out and play with them any time you like. Just be sure to pop them back in their frame above the lovely quote you chose when you’re done. (Speaking of quotes, may we suggest ‘In brickness and in health?’)

Or give your hens something to remember your special night or weekend away together forever by having them made into Lego people. Just keep it to 4 people or under and we’ll create whoever you like.

Mug Mug Personalised Heat Change Mug

Because everyone loves a new mug. Bar none.

Most hen and stag celebrations centre around copious amounts of alcohol, but maybe your party aren’t into it. Swap that gaudy bedazzled champagne flute for a durable personalised mug, something that they can use every day instead of once before all the crystals start falling off and it gets accidentally smashed by someone named Karen.

You can’t go wrong with a mug. A bit like new socks. Speaking of which…

Sock Yourself Personalised Socks

They speak for themselves really. Who doesn’t love slipping into a fresh pair in the morning instead of having to dodge out of the way of old bobbly toe holes? Doubly so when they bear the face of someone they love. It’s a guaranteed gifting win, even for someone who doesn’t like booze or hot drinks!


Still not found the perfect prezzy for your bride or fellow hens? We’ve got plenty more personalised stuff this way - or maybe you’d prefer some games to take on the trip? There's even a few naughty willy bits in there if you just can't resist.

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