7 Unique Christmas Eve Box Ideas

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 Build a Christmas Eve Box to rule them all

Do you ever feel like Christmas Day is just not stressful enough? Well, we’ve got good news because Christmas Eve boxes are now a thing, yay! Inspired by the European tradition of opening gifts on the evening of the 24th December, the concept of gifting a Christmas Eve box has been gaining traction in the UK recently, and despite the extra work it involves, we are here for it (mostly because it means the inner child in us gets to open something a day early). 

For all the Christmas Eve box newbs out there, you simply put a few small but thoughtful gifts together in a cute box and give it to whoever you like. It’s something to whet the appetite before the big day and, especially if you’re celebrating apart, a way to remind your loved ones that you’re a wonderful human being.

These Christmas Eve Box ideas will make you the favourite in the family for once

So now that you’re up to speed, it’s time to figure out what to put in your Christmas Eve box. And if you want to outperform your overachieving sibling, then our list of unique themed box ideas should inspire you to create something small but powerful. Which one’s your fave?

The Music Box

Create a bangin’ Christmas Eve Box for the music fan in your life with these toe-tapping treats.

Christmas Eve Box Ideas

The Chill Box

Got a zen AF yoga fan in the family? Nama-stay on their good side with a box full of calm.

Christmas Eve Gifts
Bath Noodles - £10.99 

The Gamer Box

Level up with the gamer in your group when you gift them the ultimate Christmas loot box.

Christmas Box

The Green Box

Bring joy to a leaf-loving, plant-botherer with a Christmas Eve box full of green goodness.

Christmas Gifts

Plant Name Badges - £9.99 
Plant Life Support - £12.99 

The Foodie Box

This one’s for the armchair chefs! Stuff a Christmas Eve Box with culinary accessories to spice up their kitchen.

Christmas Eve Box

Grow It Freaky Veg
- £12.99 
Penis Pasta - £6.99 

The Movie Box

Build a Blockbuster Box for your favourite cinephile, then settle down for aChristmas movie together.

Christmas Eve Box

The Hate Box 

Obliged to gift someone you don’t like? No problem, here are some passive-aggressive box items for them to “enjoy”.

Christmas Eve Box Ideas

Bonus Christmas Eve Box items!

Make It Personal

Nothing says “I made an effort” more than a personalised gift so top up your box with something that’s as unique as they are.

Christmas Eve Presents
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