7 Unusual Valentine’s Day Date Ideas for The Quirky Couple

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Unusual Valentine’s Day date ideas they will not see coming

Dinner and a movie; I mean, it’s not terrible, but it’s hardly going to win you an award for Best Valentine’s Day date idea. There’s nothing more exciting than the unexpected, and Valentine’s Day should be a day full of heart-pumping, quality time with your favourite person. Unfortunately, most of us have run out of imagination having used it all up on Christmas presents, so we’ve put together a few unusual Valentine’s Day date ideas to inspire you. If that’s not enough, we’ve also curated the perfect Valentine’s Gift Collection for people who like their presents a bit unconventional.

Think outside the chocolate box with these unique date ideas

1. Try an Airbnb online experience

Unusual Valentine's Day Date Ideas

Airbnb’s genius experience platform will fulfil your weirdest desires from the comfort of home. Choose from a range of virtual activities, from the romantic to the hilarious. Follow a plague doctor through Prague, or tour a romantic city with an experienced guide; you can also cook pasta with a grandma, or meet and draw a real llama in the most ridiculous art class ever!

2. Volunteer somewhere together

unique date activities

The best Valentine’s Day date ideas don’t always have to include just you and your partner; share your love with others when you use Valentine’s Day to help your community. Get gloved up and register for a nearby clean-up event, help at your local animal shelter, or spend the day building care packages for those who are in need of a bit of extra love.

3. Go indoor rock climbing

Unusual Valentine's Date Ideas

Nothing will test the trust you have in your partner more than dangling from the side of a cliff anchored by nothing but their body weight. Although it might not seem like it, rock climbing is actually the perfect Valentine’s Day date idea; adrenaline is an aphrodisiac, and with all the communication and trust you’ll need, it’s pretty romantic too.

 4. Team up for a pub quiz

Fun romantic dates

You guys are killing it, you already know that you’re a formidable team, but now it’s time to show the world. Why not find a cosy local with a roaring fire that’s hosting a pub quiz and spend the evening kicking some ass? Make sure your team name is a crap pun on the word “quiz” that everyone has heard before.

5. Start (and finish) an upcycle project

unusual valentine's date ideas

Remember that art deco armoire you inherited from your great aunt that’s been gathering dust in the spare room because it’s completely hideous but potentially valuable? Well, it’s now your Valentine’s Day project. Get creative and covered in paint with your partner as you restore it to something you can be both be proud of.

6. Build a pillow fort

affordable romantic date ideas

Go back to basics with this unplugged Valentine’s Day date idea. No phones, no TV, no gadgets, just you and your better half cosied up in your homemade fort with yum snacks and a whole load of memories to relive. Don’t pretend like your too mature for cushion forts when you still laugh at your own farts.

7. Go on a scavenger hunt

unusual valentine's day date ideas

Most towns and cities have scavenger hunt companies that will create professionally guided or self-guided treasure hunts in your local area. If you live in a more rural location, then it’s not too difficult to create your own. When they successfully complete the hunt, tell them that you are the prize, and they shouldn’t ever forget it.


Valentine’s Day gift ideas for unusual tastes

We already know that your partner has unconventional taste, they chose you after all. But what do you buy the person whose interests are so niche that it’s impossible to shop for them? Start by checking out our Valentine’s Gift Collection where you’ll find something that will warm even the weirdest of hearts.

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