8 New Years Eve Party ESSENTIALS

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Light Up Neon Frame

Decorating is a bit of a pain, why not make it easy for yourself with this infinitely reusable light up sign? Don’t bother spending thousands on a custom neon light when you could just scribble whatever you want on this and watch it illuminate and change colours before your very eyes.

Make signs to things in your house, e.g. “Puke Point HQ”, "Designated Shag Zone", or just a nice, classic “Leave Your Booze Here Please :)”

Wino Sippo Glasses

These unique glasses are sophisticated and eccentric at the same time - they kinda remind us of a bougie version of the hookah-smoking caterpillar from Alice In Wonderland. Tenuous nostalgia aside, they're basically unbreakable and, unlike normal long stemmed wine glasses, almost impossible to tip over. No spills on YOUR carpet this New Year’s Eve, no matter how racuous the festivities.

Prosecco Pong

The classiest drinking game in the world, (or perhaps second classiest, with champagne pong taking the gold) Prosecco Pong is guaranteed to keep the fun flowing when you fear the party has taken a turn for the dull. Plus, it’s 60% off at the moment. Can’t argue with that!

Beer Popcorn

Record numbers of people are teetotal, and there’s only so many times you can stand around soberly necking a festive J20 while everyone else is way past jolly. Give your boozeless mates something to snack on, like these sharing bags of beer popcorn. The three delicious flavours are all alcohol free, but taste just like beer - better, even! Go forth and feast.

Not feeling the beer popcorn? Give these alcohol-less cocktail gummies a whirl. It’s the yeast you can do.

Giant Prosecco Flute

Don't want your guests drinking all of your fancy fizz? No need to be stingy anymore, just decant the ENTIRE BOTTLE into this Giant Prosecco Flute, and you're safe from sneaky pourers helping themselves. Yes, you read that right, it really does hold 75cl. And it’s way classier than drinking straight from the bottle.

Never Mind the Detox Chocolate Trio

Snacks maketh the party, and these are the best of the best - especially for New Years Eve. Say nay to the bullshit diet nonsense and crack open this set of three different Belgian milk chocolate bars, each one lashed with a different moreish twist: honeycomb, fudge, or brownie. Everyone will be clamouring for a bit.

Abusive Confetti Balloons

What’s rude and full of shimmering gold confetti? These balloons! The perfect fuss-free decoration for your humble abode for New Years Eve, these are classy, sassy, and just a little bit bad-assy - besides, New Years Eve is a pretty ‘whatever’ occasion, what with the massive anticlimax and all that.

Also we’re keen to emphasise these are confetti balloons, NOT glitter balloons - they’re pretty hard to pop, but super easy to clean up if one accidentally gets a bit too close to something sharp.

Unicorn Tears Gin Liqueur

How could we neglect to mention our pride and joy, Unicorn Tears gin liqueur! It’s a bestseller for a reason, you'll know what we mean when we say it’s truly magical from the first sip. And it’s SPARKLY. And delicious. And vegan! What’s not to love?


Not found the missing ingredient for the biggest, best NYE party ever? Hmm, that’s not ideal - check out this page for even more party boosting legitness. If you don’t, we’ll eat our novelty 2019 sunglasses.

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