8 Presents For RuPaul's Drag Race Obsessed QUEENS

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Sashay Away Doormat or Sissy That Walk Doormat

There’s a lot of drag queen merch out there, but not much homeware. Thank goodness for Firebox, eh? Our Sashay Away and Sissy That Walk doormats are truly unbe-weave-able. Natural coconut fibre on a tough vinyl backing ensures that they stay looking fresh, no matter how many filthy stilettos are dragged across them. They can take a real beating.

Besides, nobody is going to buy their own doormat, it’s up to you to get this for them. And one for yourself, if you fancy a cheeky treat. You’re not like the other queens.

Drag Queen Bingo

Bingo is fun, but numbers are so boring. Squiggles on a page, no flare, no sass. This version is infinitely superior. Match all the fabulous accessories in the race to be crowned Miss Bingo Queen of the Universe, but look out for your sneaky squirrel sisters trying to sabotage your success.

And don’t get distracted by contemplating how you could fashion those adorable transparent pink counters into a skirt. We see you, crafty queens.

Miss Vanjie Button

Still constantly parroting the iconic leaving catchphrase from season 10 of Drag Race? Save the sass for lip-synching for your life and just press this button instead. It’ll play three perfect “Miss Vaaaaaanjie”s, perfect for sashaying away and channeling your inner Vanessa Vanjie Mateo. We stan a repetitive queen.

Also check out our Okurr Button, if you’re craving even more fabulous phrases in your life.

Life’s A Drag Notebook Trio

This set of three shanté-worthy A5 notebooks make sitting at your desk all day at least 5% more tolerable. Each one is foil detailed with a classic Drag Race saying. You could even distribute them amongst your fellow Queens for super thrifty gifting - or just keep them all for yourself, you know you’re tempted.

By far the easiest way to subtly upset the office homophobe.

Not Today Satan Enamel Pin

A wise queen (cough Bianca cough) once put Satan in his place - and it’s not been Satan’s day ever since. Let the devil know you’re not up for his shenanigans at the moment with this adorable typographic enamel pin. Look at that penmanship and tell us you don’t want this on the lapel of your denim jacket. Yeah, that’s what we thought.

Don’t Fuck It Up Mug

The ideal stocking stuffer for any RuPaul devotee, this mug is a daily reminder not to fuck it up, regardless of whether ‘it’ is a big meeting or slaying the runway. Sissy that chug and bask in the glow of the luxurious gold embellishment as you neck an Absolut cocktail in the Interior Illusions Lounge. Or, y’know, coffee at your desk.


Still not found the ideal gift for the queen in your life? Oh sweetie, no need to sashay away, just strut your way over to this page. Happy searching, sister!

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