9 Valentine's Day Pampering/Self-Care Essentials

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Whether you could use a bit of self care or you want to get yourself in tip top condition for Valentine’s Day festivities (AKA maximise your shaggability), we’ve got loads of stuff to get you feeling good ahead of the most romantic day of the year.

Underwater Disco Lightshow

Bizarrely, this colourful little gadget is one of our all time bestsellers. And to think we sneered when it was announced.

It’s not going to make your skin any clearer or your make you smell divine, but it’s certainly relaxing to watch the colours gently cycle through. Like having a planetarium but underwater and in your tub, and not for boring nerds and packed full of primary school kids on a school trip.


Painting your nails is a mighty faff, but getting them done at a salon costs half your monthly salary. What’s a bare-nailed babe to do?! Get one of these, duh.

The Tweexy is basically a clever little ring that holds your nail polish for you, making the entire ordeal so much simpler. Especially if you’re doing your nails somewhere weird like the bus or a rollercoaster.

Disney Princess Face Masks

Feeling more Galentine’s than Valentine’s this year? Invite your favourites over and slap these on their faces like the bunch of princesses they are.

Each mask in the kit has different ingredients to provide a multitude of benefits for every skin type - and, best bit, they’ll make you temporarily look like a Disney princess! Or, alternatively, hoard them all for yourself. It’s called self-love, not let-your-friends-nick-your-fancy-skincare-love.

Check out the villain version, if you’re the edgy type.

Oh-K Caviar Hydrogel Mask

In need some SERIOUS hydration? Have we got the mask for you.

Made by Korean skincare experts, this mask is full of bursting hydrogel caviar beads, packed full of amino acids to give you a serious glow. Forgo the highlighter, you won’t need it after a round with hydrogel. Unless you want to blind your Valentine’s date.

Unicorn Poo Bath Bombs

Okay, these are more silly than decadent, but they’re still pretty pampering. Plop one of these bath bombs into your tub and watch the entire rainbow spill forth. Infinitely more magical than a squirt of Radox.

But they're not just pretty, they're packed full of nourishing ingredients like coconut oil and give off an invigoratingly tart, sweet raspberry scent. That’s bath time sorted.

Fragranced As Fck Candles

Would it really be a pampering session without soft candlelight? Absolutely not. These are no ordinary lightly scented candles, these are Fragranced As Fck. Seriously, your home is going to smell lovely for days after burning one of these things.

Unfortunately these have been so popular that ⅔ of the delicious scents have sold out - but the stunning Juicy As Fck is still available. That's grapefruit and rhubarb scented, btw. Get on it before it goes or you’ll be doing your self-care in rubbish artificial lighting like a basic b*tch.

Cat Face Towels

Flannels are a bit old school, but loads of people swear by ‘em as the best way to cleanse. Like, proper dermatologists. And, of course, without them there would be no hot cloth cleansing. The world would be so much worse off.

Up your face towel game with one of these adorable cats. Take your pick from black, black and white, brown and white, or, our personal favourite, ginger.

Boozy Soaps

Pouring a bottle of your favourite tipple over your body isn’t exactly relaxing. Or economical, for that matter. These soaps, on the other hand, manage to combine the best boozy scents with hydrating, soothing ingredients to leave your skin smelling and feeling fab.

They even double as shampoo AND shaving foam, if you give them a rigorous enough lather. It’s all thanks to the work of the hardworking team at the USA-based Swag Brewery - what a bunch of geniuses.

Unicorn Vanity Kit

You can bathe as much as you want, but if you’ve got gritty hangnails, messy brows, and ratty cuticles, are you really ready to impress? Frankly, you probably are. But it’s always nice to feel extra polished, whether it’s for yourself or someone you fancy.

Pop open this cute little kit to discover 5 essential beauty tools to keep you looking your best, all nestled inside a sweet little unicorn. If you don’t look a million dollars by the time these tools have had their way with you, we’ll eat our hat.


Need even more inspiration for how best to pamper yourself? Check out our Bath and Beauty section - or our Valentine’s Day range, for a mahoosive collection of ways to treat your sweetheart.

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