A Christmas Quiz That’s Better Than All the Others

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A Christmas quiz is the perfect Christmas Day activity no matter what kind of family you have. If you’re a close bunch who like to do activities together then it’s a fun way to spend quality time together. If, on the other hand, your Christmas Day is more of an awkward gathering of people who share a bloodline and not much else, then a Christmas Quiz is a great way to pass those awkward, tumbleweed moments until the drink kicks in.

Christmas Quiz Questions For Everyone

The Firebox Festive Family Quiz consists of 20 Christmas quiz questions that range from pretty easy (let the kids answer those ones) to a tiny bit tough (no Googling). The quiz subjects all relate to Christmas in some way, including general knowledge, geography, history, music, movies, and food – so no matter how crap your team is, between you there’s bound to be at least one question you can get right. If you want to go offline, the question and answer sheets are also fully printable.

Christmas Quiz Points Get Christmas Prizes

Since ‘tis the season of giving, you can bribe even your grumpiest uncle to play by putting up a prize for the winning team. Check out our Christmas Collection for inspiration, we’ve got unique and quirky gifts that would make the perfect prize for the brains of the family.

So, if we’re ready, hands on buzzers please…


To save you from accidentally peeking at the answers, you'll find the answer sheet at the very bottom of this page. Have fun! 

Christmas Gift Ideas For Trivia Fans

If you know someone who believes that quizzes are for life and not just for Christmas, then you should definitely check out our quirky quiz-themed gifts. From music to movies and more, you’re sure to find something to bring a big brainy smile to the face of your favourite smarty pants. Don’t forget to check out our Christmas Gift Collection to shop a huge range of awesome unusual gifts this year.

Christmas Quiz

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