5 Crazy Christmas Traditions from Around the World

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Unusual Christmas Traditions That’ll Make Your Family Seem Normal

As the home of unusual Christmas gifts, we thought we’d keep the weirdness going with a list of our favourite crazy Christmas traditions from around the world. Although at its heart, Christmas means the same to all of us (food comas, family fun, financial ruin), there are some pretty random traditions out there that you may not have heard of. But, before you scoff at these quirky customs, don’t forget that we drag a dead tree into our house, hang our socks on the fireplace, and jam a shiny, silver choking hazard into our Christmas pudding before setting it on fire. Also weird.

Which Crazy Christmas Custom is Your Fave? 

Swap your turkey for fried chicken, your winter boots for roller skates…and replace Santa with a pooping log? Let’s take a look at some of the funniest Christmas traditions from around the world.

Estonia: The Naked Family Sauna

Crazy Christmas Traditions

If the prospect of having all your family in one room fills you with dread every Christmas, spare a thought for our Estonian brothers and sisters who have to do it naked and covered in sweat. This Christmas Eve tradition acts as a cleansing ritual before the children of the family are then gifted shiny new clothes to attend the morning mass with their families. Keep this in mind when your grumpy uncle falls asleep farting on the sofa after his turkey: it could be a lot, lot worse.

Venezuela: Roller Skate Mass

Unusual Holiday Traditions

In Caracas, it’s traditional to roller-skate to mass on Christmas morning. To make sure you don’t sleep in and miss the ceremony, before you go to sleep on Christmas Eve it’s customary to tie one end of a piece of string to your toe and hang the other one out the window. That way, as people roller skate past your window on their way to church, they can tug on the string to wake you up. This fun Christmas tradition is taken so seriously in the city that they even close some roads to traffic!

Sweden: Donald Duck

Swedish Christmas Traditions

One of our favourites on this list due to its sheer randomness. In Sweden, it’s a Christmas tradition to watch Donald Duck cartoons. It’s the equivalent of the Queen’s speech for us, they’re even broadcast at the same time of day, 3pm. It all started in the 50s when Swedish TV only had two channels, one of which showed Disney cartoons on Christmas Day. Since then, a Christmas themed Donald Duck movie is watched by half the Swedish population. Brilliant!

Japan: All I Want for Christmas is KFC

Crazy Christmas Traditions

This has got to be the greatest marketing success story in history. In the 1970s, the manager of the first KFC in Japan came up with the idea of selling a “party barrel” on Christmas Day. In Japan they acknowledge Christmas, but didn’t really celebrate it at the time, which meant there was room to introduce a tradition to mark the day. Now, around 3.5 million families in Japan order KFC on Christmas Day, accounting for a third of KFCs annual sales in Japan.

Catalonia: The Poop Log

Funny Christmas Traditions

We’ve saved the best Christmas tradition for last with the festive Caga tió (shitting log), and it’s exactly how it sounds. In the Spanish region of Catalonia, it’s tradition to have a small round log in your house which the children will feed and keep warm in the days leading up to Christmas. The hope is that it will defecate presents on Christmas Day, but if it’s not forthcoming then you sing this little son as you beat it with sticks until it poops those presents...

Shit, log! Almonds and nougats,
Do not poop herrings, which are too salty,
Poop nougats which are better.
Shit, log, almonds and nougats,
And if you don't want to defecate,
I will give you a smack.
Shit, log!

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