Did Somebody Say... Summer Launches?

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Summer is right around the corner. The ice cream vans are stocking up on whippy goo and flakes, the flying ants are preparing to go up your nose as you walk down the street, and your skin is readying itself for another year of woefully inadequate SPF application.

Oh, and our summer range is out. Nice.

Be the baddest beach out there with our brand new beach towels. From 'IT'S F*CKING BOILING' to 'NOT TODAY SATAN', there’s a hilarious giant fast-drying towel for everyone.

In honour of the late, great Keith Flint, 50% of the profits of our 'SMACK MY BEACH UP' towel will go to CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably), an award-winning charity dedicated to preventing male suicide.

Nothing beats sunbathing on the beach or at the park when the mercury is peaking, but some of us have these things called jobs which mean we’re chained to a desk for most of summer. Ensure you stay cool regardless of how sweltering the office gets with our brand new LED desk fan.

Perfect for when it’s f*cking boiling outside, this bad boy tells it how it is while saving you from boiling into oblivion. Just plug it into any USB port for an instant chill out.

Remember, these Firebox Creations are exclusive. You can’t get a summer this sassy anywhere else! Now slip on your sunnies, find your flip flops, and get ready for the best summer yet.

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