DIY not? 6 Crafty Prezzies for Your Creative Mates

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Make Your Own Halloumi

Cheese has been a go-to Christmas present for yonks now, but this is on a whole other level to that green wax covered roundel of cheddar you were going to get from a limp Christmas market shed.

You’ve not read that title wrong. Yes, you really can make real cheese in the comfort of your very own home. Actual real halloumi, just like the real shop bought article - but so, so much better.

Homemade halloumi is way tastier - this economical epicurean kit allows you to make eight batches of the squeaky salty stuff. Cheese for days. Or, in our case, cheese for about five minutes. We can’t get enough of it!

Gin and Tonic Cupcake Kit

The gin-and-tonic / cupcake venn diagram has a delicious centre, inside of which dwells this fabulous kit. There is no better gift for the indulgent gin lover. It ruins both their Dry January AND their new diet. Two boring birds with one stone, in our opinion.

It's never been easier to churn out 12 deliciously boozy little cupcakes, this kit has almost everything you need: every single dry ingredient, cases, piping bag and nozzle – and even a dinky bottle of gin and a can tonic.

Oh, and did we mention that the recipe was written by Michel Roux, Michelin starred chef?

Brewdog Punk IPA beer making kit

While everyone else is comatose on Quality Street in front of Die Hard, you’ll be making metaphorical hay while the sun shines - ensuring you have ample beer supplies for the very near future. AKA New Year’s Eve.

Give the homebrew snobs a run for their money with this idiotproof kit. Using traditional brewing methods, you too can make just under 2 six packs worth of Brewdog’s signature, um, brew. That’s 8 pints! Nice.

It’s even completely reusable. Just bag yourself a refill kit and do it all again. It’s truly the gift that truly keeps on giving.

DIY Hanging Planter

Everyone knows a negligent plant parent. And what better season for it, with all the parties and festivities and going home to visit the fam, there is no better time of the year to let your shrubbery sag. It’s just like the song, “‘tis the season to let your plants die, fala lalalaaa, la la la laaa.”

Give those poor houseplants a new lease of life, with an apologetic homemade touch. Watch them spring back to life when you repot them into their very own planter, lovingly handcrafted by their owner, just for them. They deserve it for all that lovely air pollution they remove from your home.

Make Your Own Beef Jerky

Need the sweet sweet taste of homemade jerky and FAST? Can’t be bothered to hang and smoke a joint of meat in your airing cupboard for several months? We hear you.

Which is why we made you (yes, YOU personally, nobody else) this jerkilicious kit, which takes you from starving to sated in a mere 4-6 hours. Yup, it only takes 4-6 hours to make a meaty 500g batch of the good stuff. Each one comes with everything you need, simple.

Just maybe save it for when the festivities are over, nobody wants to catch you jerking your meat during Christmas dinner.

Star Wars Even More Crochet Kit

Calling all galactic hookers! We’ve got a nerdy, crafty treat for you. Get your crochet gear out and get ready to have a stupidly adorable DIY BB8 to sit on your spaceship dashboard desk. A perfect gift for keeping someone busy during the long, dark winter months ahead. Especially if last winter was anything to go by. So… damn… COLD. shivering profusely

You hooked your way through done the first book of Star Wars crochet and now it’s BACK, with enough yarn and stuffing to make BB8 and Jawa - and enough instructions to produce 12 other classic Star Wars characters.

Get creative and crochet yourself a miniature Obi-Wan Kenobi, Lando Calrissian, Rey, Finn, or Greedo. No Jar Jar Binks though. Sorry. It’s probably for the best.


Still not satisfied? Not to worry, there’s plenty more where these came from on our DIY page. Even that link is DIY! Get it? You have to click it yourself. Ha ha ha. Sorry. We’ll show ourselves out.

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