Editor's Black Friday Picks for Christmas

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To help sift through all of our Black Friday deals, we've picked out five extra special bargains you'd be crazy to miss out on. We've based our picks around the five essential components to a perfect Christmas: Food! Booze! Games! Staying warm! Even more food! 

1. Food! CBD Christmas Pudding

If you haven't hopped on the CBD bandwagon yet - this cheeky little pud should be your maiden voyage. Whether you're in charge of not burning the turkey or just stuck chatting with a mildly racist relative, Christmas Day can be a pretty stressful affair. Few spoonfuls of this mellow morsel and you'll quickly diffuse the festive tension. Oh, and for the uninitiated - it won't get you high and it's 100% legal! It's also a damn fine Secret Santa gift or stocking filler.

CBD Christmas Pudding

2. Booze! This Gin tastes like Christmas

Do you like Christmas? Yes. Do you like gin? Yes. Need we say more? Yes. This original Firebox creation blends vanilla, cinnamon, cloves, clementines and a drop of juniper to create the Christmas cocktail to end all Christmas cocktails. Muddle with a splash of your favourite tonic and let the good times roll.

This Gin Taste Like Christmas

3. Games! Unicorns and Urinals

Weird name, very good game. A dirty word game in fact - ideal for injecting a bit of energy into the post-dinner slump. You start by describing the words on your card but you're not allowed to say the word or what letter they start with. Then your teammate has to guess what you were on about. If they're stumped and the other team guesses it, they get to snatch the urinal cake and bag themselves a point, thus winning the card. Don’t let the easy rules fool you - this game guaranteed to cause havoc and ruin friendships for the more competitive players amongst you. Now, thongs or thermometers?

Unicorns and Urinals

4. Staying warm! Pierre the Penis Slippers 

If you're doing Christmas right, you should probably be wearing pyjamas already. But when the afternoon tiredness finally kicks in and you've all resigned yourselves to falling asleep in front of It's a Wonderful Life - you'll want to be wearing something unbelievably comfortable. These cosy cocks are just the trick, the perfect blend of cuteness and penis-ness. If nan asks, just say they're naked mole rat slippers or something.

Pierre the Penis Slippers

5. Even more food! Legally Addictive Crack Cookies.

The name's a dead giveaway. You'll want to buy about eight bags and then empty them into bowls all around the house. After Eights and Quality Street may hold a special place in your heart now - but after this Christmas, these stupidly moreish treats are going to be your new favourite festive staple.

Legally Addictive Crack Cookies

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