Fire Power!

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Would this even be a Firebox blog without the occasional long-winded outburst extolling the virtues of our favourite flaming element? Nope! After all - the best things in life, all the exciting stuff that's pointless trying to explain has a decent dose of fire. Passion. Inspiration. Creativity.

You'll find it in our boxes, too - metaphorically speaking, of course. (We did try it once bt the post office got all 'health and safety' about it.) We put all our energy and passion into finding and creating mad gifts so you can share them with a mate and stoke your own figurative fire. You're welcome!

Anyway. Fire - it's amazing. And here are five reasonably random tenuous compelling reasons why...

1. It's your new favourite mindfulness hack

If you're still listening to 'soothing' rain to help you relax, it's time to level up. Experiments have shown that the mere sight or sound of a crackling log fire can significantly lower your blood pressure. Not only that, but the same studies also found that participants felt more social at ease while staring at a fire. Feeling stressed? Petty argument with your other half? Light 'er up! (The fire, not your girlfriend.)

2. Fire changed our brains

Cast your mind back 400,000 years or so. Keeping a fire going at night kept predators at bay and allowed our ancestors to get some much-needed sleep. Not just any old sleep, but precious REM sleep - you know, the one where you dream about ex-partners and flying (and consolidate long-term memories, and solve complex problems). This improved our ability to learn and remember longwinded creative processes like making tools. Nice one, fire.

3. It's just so damned watchable

Based on 1 and 2 - is it any surprise? Fire was the original late-night TV and as far as we're concerned it's stood the test of time. We'd take 24 hours of fire over 10 minutes of Big Bang Theory any day of the week. Better comic timing and no insufferable canned laughter. Think we're exaggerating? Netflix's Fireplace for Your Home: Crackling Fireplace has an 8/10 rating on iMdb. That's higher than True Romance, Thor: Ragnarok AND Paddington 2. Just sayin'.

4. It's dangerous and unpredictable... and therefore quite sexy

It’s no coincidence that fire turns up as a metaphor for romance, passion, and general sexiness. Dinner dates, hot baths, Bond movie opening credits - all undeniably sexier with a little sprinkling of fire. Caleb Followill's sex was actually on fire! Is there anything sexier than someone who can get a fire going with minimal fuss? Whether that’s diligently wanking a couple of twigs together on a deserted island or just lighting a disposable BBQ and getting the coals to burn evenly. Just us? Fine.

5. It's powerful and rebellious

Jimi Hendrix set his guitar on fire. That badass Buddhist monk on the front of Rage Against the Machine's debut album set himself on fire. The suffragettes burnt their bras. Countless flags and other effigies have been burned over the years. You feel strongly about something, you better amplify your message with a bit of fire. Go easy on the books though.

Okay those last two are a bit out there. But camaaan - lighting cigars, cauterizing wounds, sending Viking's to Valhalla, chargrilling halloumi, identifying witches, igniting farts. Fire is bloody brilliant!

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