Firebox Gifts Make You 62.9% Happier - With Proof!

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You know what they say: you can’t buy happiness.

Turns out that’s a load of nonsense! We always had a hunch and it turns out we were correct - providing you’re shopping at Firebox.

Don’t believe us? We can prove it!

This Christmas, we became so obsessed with giving gifts that get a reaction that we decided to carry out research with over 2,000 people to find out how they react to the presents they get.

We filmed participants opening a ‘traditional’ present vs a Firebox present and fed the footage into intelligent FaceReader software. It sounds fancy because it is. It plotted 500 key data points on each face to map out and scan for seven basic facial expressions: happy, sad, angry, surprised, scared, disgusted and neutral.

But you’re not here to hear how we did it, you just wanna know the results. You asked for ‘em!

Firebox gifts make you 62.9% happier!

Just look at these pie charts! Who wouldn’t want a 62.9% increase in happiness?! Let’s not focus on the 0.1% increase in disgust…


Traditions are there to be broken

If you’re still dishing out the same old traditional socks, smellies and chocolates, you might want to upgrade your gifting game. Our gifts didn’t just make you happier, we also found traditional Christmas gifts make you sadder! What kind of Grinch would want to upset people for Christmas?!


The Giftgasm is a thing

Weirdest of all, our research showed that Firebox gifts actually increase arousal levels. This unique phenomenon (combining arousal, happiness and involuntary facial expressions) needed a name. And thus, the Giftgasm was born! It’s sad that some people have never had one while others are guaranteed multiple giftgasms every Christmas day.


Battle of the sexes

Overall, both sexes were much happier with their Firebox gifts - especially the ladies. Female recipients weren’t too upset by the traditional gifts but the men were visibly distraught by them. We’re not entirely sure why this is. Are women just better at disguising their disgust than men? Do men care more about their gifts than the dated stereotypes suggest? Or do men just hate boring socks? We may never know.


What does all of this tell us? That buying your Christmas presents from Firebox is a scientifically proven way to make your friends and family 62.9% happier, less sad, less angry and a little bit aroused. Who wouldn’t want that?

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