Firebox Horoscopes: January 2019

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January 20 to February 18

Happy birthday, you beautiful Aquarian, you!

Don’t get too excited, we’re going to have to kick this one off with a spot of bad news. You’re in for a bit of a mental year, seeing as your ruling planet (that's Uranus, FYI, sorry) is shifting about a lot. Cheer up, the weeks ahead are thankfully a bit more chilled out before it all kicks off. So pour yourself a tall glass of something relaxing and read on to find out what February has in store for you (you know, based on proper astrology and the stars and that).

Last week, Jupiter and Neptune squared up to each other - generating some big money vibes. In other words, you’re long overdue a serious spending spree. Treat yourself guilt-free because you’re in line for a cash top-up from the powers that be.

There will be a wee bit of spiritual downtime this month for you. Don’t worry, you don’t need to start meditating or anything, it’s just the universe’s way of chilling you out before things get crazy further down the line. Basically the perfect opportunity to recharge your batteries - mentally and literally, of course.

If, for some mad reason, you’re still subjecting yourself to Dry January (camaan - it’s your f*cking birthday!), we think you can stretch your limits to give this Edible Alcoholic Fragrance a go. There are loads of scents to choose from but we think Pear and Vanilla is most suitable for someone as intelligent and inventive as you.

And the rest...


Last year was a busy one for you - and this year might be even busier! Take some time to set yourself up for success this month. The stars say you may need caffeine…


Ooh, you’ve got some sweet energy coming your way this month. Mars and Venus are doing some stuff (called a ‘trine’) that may have you feeling profound, curious and experimental. Free your soul, man.


The month ahead is fab for travel thanks to a good old Jupiter-Neptune square to ignite your wanderlust. Who’s up for a new adventure? You, obvs.


Time to get your house in order, financially speaking. A tasty lunar eclipse in Leo will help highlight what you might be doing wrong. Jot it down before you forget.


Venus is messing about with Aries at the mo, which apparently helps you to create balance in your life. All work and no play makes Cancer a dull crab. Take a day off and play something.


Don't get carried away with promising more than you can do this month, Leo. We know what you're like. That Jupiter-Neptune square doesn’t like broken promises. Best buy a few of these, just in case.


Weird vibes this month, the sun squared against Uranus (ha ha, very funny) will drive your need for change. But then some Venus/Mars trine action will have you feeling sexy and free. Time to try something new?


It's a romantic one for you this month, Libra. And no, NOT just because it's Valentine's Day soon. Take the time to treat someone you love to a fun night in and the stars say you’ll be rewarded richly for your generosity. Chocolate anus, anyone?


You're going to be a mixture of suspicious and outgoing this month - that Jupiter-Neptune square is a weird one for Scorpios. Go out and show yourself off. How about a sweet-smelling liquid confidence boost?


It's a dreamy time for you at the mo, but don't get carried away with expectations. Keep yourself grounded and put your feet up with a cuppa while Mars works on making the exciting stuff happen for you this month.


Queue yourself up some alone time this month, it's all going off for you. Chill out, take time for yourself, and think about what’s best for YOU - not your boss, your partner, your mum or your best mate. Maybe a spot of yoga will help?

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