Firebox Top Picks: Harry Potter Gifts

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Harry Potter Deluxe Colouring Book

This is the fanciest colouring book we’ve ever seen. It’s hardback, it’s got lovely foil details, and just look at the artwork! This was not your standard cashing-in-on-a-trend colouring book, this was a labour of love for the artists and publishers involved. Beeeeautiful.

Our favourite of the 80 stunning, original pictures is just a nice profile shot of Snape, but you might prefer colouring in some of the more cinematic scenes.

Harry Potter Cauldron Mugs

Miniature cauldrons are cool enough on their own - but one that sports your house colour and name? Good grief, that’s another level.

These are meant for drinking out of. Y’know: tea, coffee, awesome cocktails with lots of dry ice so it looks like they’re smoking… the usual! But we won’t tell anyone if you want to knock up a few potions using your new cauldron - it IS a cauldron after all.

Just don’t let Snape catch you. There we go again mentioning Snape. Better stop mentioning him or you’ll think we fancy him.

Harry Potter Mini Bell Jar Lights

The clocks have gone back. It gets dark at 1pm now. Everyone is miserable due to a national shortage of vitamin D. The solution: these Harry Potter mini bell jar lights!

No, they won’t cure your winter blues, but they’ll impart a warming, ambient glow to your home or office - plus, the sight of your favourite witch or wizard is bound to cheer you up. Choose from Harry, Hermione, Ron, or Hagrid. We used to stock the Snape one, but the person who wrote this article bought them all.

Harry Potter Egg Cup and Toast Cutter

Eggsactly what you need in the morning, an egg dressed as your favourite wizard. (Pity they don’t make a Snape egg cup and toast cutter set, eh!)

This sweet and frankly silly little kit lets you customise your boiled egg and soldiers to make them Hogwarts-suitable. Make like Voldemort and smash Harry’s eggy little noggin in, before dipping the lightning bolt soldiers into his gooey, yolky innards.

Ooh, that was a bit morbid wasn’t it? We can’t end on a morbid note… ah, yes, time to mention the lovely sunny yellow spoon it comes with! Everyone loves a free spoon. The perfect implement to destroy Egg Harry’s skull. Oh no, we’ve done it again. Sorry.

Golden Snitch Backpack

Imagine if the luxurious, curious golden snitch was big, flat, capacious, and easy to catch. That’s basically this backpack.

Shiny, holographic, and cruelty free, this PU leather snitch bag is a Seeker's dream. It's even big enough to house all of your quidditch gear!

There’s magic in every stitch and detail of this thing, from the embroidered logo to the custom keyring. Just stay clear of any bludgers and this thing will stay mint forever - or, as Snape would say, “Always.”

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