Firebox Turns 20

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We turned 20 this year.

[cough] We're older than Google! [cough]

To celebrate this glorious occasion we threw an epic party with press and friends down at Rascals in Shoreditch. An epic party that included (but was certainly not limited to):

  • A dancefloor flanked by Giant Inflatable Unicorns and bathed in neon lights.

  • As many festive cocktails as you could possibly consume.

  • A sneak peek at our Limited Edition Christmas Pudding-flavoured Unicorn Tears Gin. Yum.

  • A vodka ice luge that made sure everyone was suitably inebriated.

  • Alex Jenkins. Who!? The handsome man who does all the cool illustrations on our website. He was there scribbling doodles on request.

  • Oh and we had a cheeky photo booth for the night, courtesy of the friendly peeps at Showtime Photo Booth.

Below is a small snapshot of the festivities. Just a snapshot though - how many photos of drunken Fireboxers does the internet really need?



Limited Edition Christmas Unicorn Tears Gin

Alex Jenkins





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