Firebox's Most Popular Products of 2018

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Stuffed Blobfish

Oh, the blobfish. AKA psychrolutes marcidus, the blobfish is a gelatinous wobbling wonder from the waters of Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand. It holds the prize for World’s Ugliest Creature, which we think is harsh as it’s actually quite adorable in a weird way.

Naturally, we had to make a cuddly version. We couldn’t have our lovely customers bottom trawling to try to catch one of these deep-sea delights. You’re welcome.

One of our longtime bestsellers, this pretty(ish) pink little guy is perfect for perching on your desk or bed. Just don’t forget he’s there when you walk into the room, he’s a bit startling.

Hatching Dragon Candle

Ever wanted to hatch your very own little baby dragon? Duh, of course you have, you Daenerys wannabe. Bring a mythical beast back from the brink of extinction by burning this scaly wax egg to the damn ground. Inside will be a mystery dragon - the colour you get is completely random, how exciting is that?!

It’s like a Kinder egg for adults. But not chocolate. And the toy is way better. And it’s exclusive to Firebox!

Star Theatre Planetarium

Why drag your frozen ass outside to gaze at the stars and invite earwigs into your aural crevices when you could enjoy the glory of the night sky from the cosy, sterile warmth of your very own home?

This mind-blowing orb uses the same lens as a proper commercial planetarium to project extremely detailed real constellations anywhere you want. We could wax lyrical about the incredible technology that went into this thing, but this blog post would be VERY long - check out the product page for more info, but trust us, this thing is genuinely spectacular.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Our favourite martial art practicing amphibians may be from the '80s, but they did rather well in 2018. Our constantly selling out TMNT Oddsox are a gloriously retro throwback you can wear, packing enough snazzy features to make the rest of your sock drawer hang their heads in shame.

When you've slipped your feet into the intricate knit, walked on the y-gore cushioned heel, experienced the comfort of an extended cuff, and marvelled at Splinter's beautiful snout rendered in the finest cotton, you’ll never settle for a Cedar Wood State 5-pack again.

100 Cheeses Scratch Poster

Embrace fromage freedom and get stuck into this 100 Cheese Scratch Poster. It's basically an invitation to eat a load of cheese. Not that you need one, you decadent cheesy hedonist, you.

Tuck into each of the 100 cheeses on this massive A3 poster to earn the right to scratch them off. Complete the entire set and be crowned GRAND KING OR QUEEN OF CHEESE. Only joking, you just get a nice cheesy poster and a warm glow of satisfaction. And what a lovely cheesy poster it is.


Of course, this is only a small snapshot of our amazing Boxing Day bestsellers sale selection - check out the rest here. Prepare to be tempted!

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