Five (Easy!) Shimmering Cocktail Recipes

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Nobody knows cocktails quite like the good folks at the London Cocktail Club. We paid a visit to their fabulous bar on Liverpool Street to let their expert bartender work his magic on our favourite shimmering spirits. Pick up the bottle that takes your fancy here and you're already halfway there.

Candyshop Collins

For those with a sweet tooth, this tall pink number is a collection of confection with a lick of glittering raspberry gin.

Double shot (50ml) Unicorn Tears Raspberry Gin 25ml lemon 15ml Haribo syrup 100ml sugar syrup 1 can of cream soda

Handful of your favourite sweets for garnish

To make Haribo syrup:

Microwave a handful of your favourite Haribo sweets for 30 secs, mixing it into a splash of your sugar syrup

Shake everything except the cream soda together in a shaker and pour the contents into a tall glass. Top with cream soda until the glass is very nearly full, leaving room for a garnish of your favourite sweets.

Pixie Garden Party

Feeling sophisticated? This elderflower gin cocktail is perfect for a tipsy tea party.

10ml Elderflower cordial 20ml Lemon 10ml Sugar syrup 50ml Prosecco Double shot (50ml) Pixie Tears

Cucumber for garnish

Stir everything together except for the prosecco together in your glass. Top with prosecco and pop a curl of cucumber on the rim for decoration.

Mermaid Magic

Dive into a boozy blue lagoon with this fabulous fish-bowl - but watch out for the gummy shark garnish.

Double shot (50ml) Mermaid Tears vodka 25ml lemon 10ml sweet white vermouth 10ml Blue Curacao 10ml Cointreau 5 drops of absinthe

Aquatic themed gummy sweets for garnish

Shake everything together in a shaker and pour into your fish-bowl glass. Top with sweets of your choice. Can’t catch a gummy shark? Try Swedish Fish or even green gummy worms for a seaweed effect!

Unicorn Churchill Martini

Upgrade your regular martini with lashings of shimmer. You’ll be making Boomerangs of this one all night long.

50ml Unicorn Tears Gin 10ml dry vermouth 2 drops of orange bitters

Lemon peel and zest for garnish

Stir down all of the ingredients with ice in a shaker and strain this mixture into your martini glass. Add your lemon peel and zest as a finishing touch.

Zombie Rising

Get fired up with this flaming glass of fruity rum. Try not to burn your eyebrows off.

50ml phoenix tears 15ml lime 30ml orange or pineapple juice 3oml grapefruit 10ml grenadine 10ml overproof rum 2 drops of Angostura Bitters (optional)

Passionfruit, palm leaves for garnish

Shake everything but the overproof rum and pour into your glass. Add crushed ice and your garnishes Time to light it up! Cover the top layer of the drink in your overproof rum. Very carefully take a match to it, making sure not to get any fabric or hair near the drink.

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