7 Father's Day Messages That'll Put A Smile On His Face

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Funny Father's Day Messages

With Father's Day on the horizon (June 20th!) we thought we'd come up with some alternative messages to adorn your Father's Day cards.
If 'traditional' Father’s Day messages are to be believed, your dad is the ‘King of the grill’ - a beer-drinking, sport-watching purveyor of casual flatulence. While there might be a nugget of truth in there (especially that last one), we reckon your dad deserves something better than the classic worn out stereotypes. If you're going to wish him a Happy Father's Day, at least do it with a sense of humour! 
After all, you and your dad know each other inside out so you can definitely get away with something a little cheekier. Nothing says 'Happy Father's Day' like a sweary reality check from your favourite child! He knows you love him really and he'll be thrilled to see you've inherited his legendary sense of humour.  

With that in mind, we’ve come up with some 'alternative' Father's Day sayings to really make him smile this year. 
If you’ve left it a little late and you’re looking for an emergency last minute card, you could always print them out and use them to make your own Father's Day Card, or head over to our Printable Father's Day Cards blog post for more options and print-ready formats.

'Heartfelt' Father's Day Messages And Sayings

Funny Father's Day Messages - Just remember, without ME today is just any other day

"Just remember, without ME today is just any other day" 

Funny Father's Day Messages - Thanks for putting up with my shit!

"Thanks for putting up with my shit!" 

Funny Father's Day Messages - You’re a fucking hero dad!

"You’re a fucking hero dad!" 

Funny Father's Day Messages - Congrats on raising an absolute legend

"Congrats on raising an absolute legend"

Funny Father's Day Messages - Happy Father’s Day from your favourite little shit

"Happy Father’s Day from your favourite little shit"

Funny Father's Day Messages - Nice one Dad, I turned out fucking incredible!

"Nice one Dad, I turned out fucking incredible!"  

Funny Father's Day Messages - Cheers for wiping my bum, I look forward to returning the favour!

"Cheers for wiping my bum, I look forward to returning the favour!" 


Unusual Father's Day Present ideas

Right, that’s the card sorted - but what about an unusual Father’s Day gift? We’ve got you covered. Whether he's a classy whisky connoisseur, loves chipping away at a jigsaw puzzle, or scoffing heaps of chocolate - we're sure you'll find the perfect present for your dad.

Personalised Measures Whisky Glass 
The Ember 2 Smart Mug
Da' Bomb: Beyond Insanity Hot Sauce
ersonalised Golf Balls
The SHIIT Workout Book
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